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wanwanwan //wanwanwan
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wanwanwan's Friends
headpats Avatar
headpats @headpats
No bio created.
Alice Avatar
Alice @Alice
No bio created.
Sarah C Avatar
Sarah C @Sarah C
No bio created.
r2dpoo Avatar
r2dpoo @r2dpoo
No bio created.
Tora Avatar
Tora @Tora
No bio created.
Bunny77 Avatar
Bunny77 @Bunny77
No bio created.
Rasp-b Avatar
Rasp-b @Rasp-b
No bio created.
Lammert Avatar
Lammert @Lammert
No bio created.
ケイリー Avatar
ケイリー @ケイリー
No bio created.
Yuuuuru Avatar
Yuuuuru @Yuuuuru
No bio created.
KliCk Avatar
KliCk @KliCk
No bio created.
Foxtail Avatar
Foxtail @Foxtail
No bio created.
animegurlyf Avatar
animegurlyf @animegurlyf
Spending all my money on Anime.
Toots Avatar
Toots @Toots
No bio created.
Diogo-Kun1995 Avatar
Diogo-Kun1995 @Diogo-Kun1995
No bio created.
Sophie Avatar
Sophie @Sophie
No bio created.
Rebecca Avatar
Rebecca @Rebecca
No bio created.
RainbowRamen Avatar
RainbowRamen @RainbowRamen
No bio created.
ZenoTheMaster Avatar
ZenoTheMaster @ZenoTheMaster
No bio created.
Michelle Avatar
Michelle @Michelle
No bio created.
otaku Avatar
otaku @otaku
No bio created.
X_thatguy_X Avatar
X_thatguy_X @X_thatguy_X
No bio created.
Bunny Avatar
Bunny @Bunny
No bio created.
VSMK37 Avatar
No bio created.
sophia260 Avatar
sophia260 @sophia260
No bio created.
Luna Makkuro Avatar
Luna Makkuro @Luna Makkuro
No bio created.
AngeloZZx Avatar
AngeloZZx @AngeloZZx
No bio created.
DeathySpaghetti Avatar
DeathySpaghetti @DeathySpaghetti
Hi! I'm Papi! Papi the Happy Harpy! I love ice-cream and videogames!
shatic2 Avatar
shatic2 @shatic2
No bio created.
ELied Avatar
ELied @ELied
No bio created.
Abigail089 Avatar
Abigail089 @Abigail089
No bio created.
Skulldy Avatar
Skulldy @Skulldy
No bio created.
Maxon Avatar
Maxon @Maxon
No bio created.
xxarctic Avatar
xxarctic @xxarctic
No bio created.
Anna-desu Avatar
Anna-desu @Anna-desu
No bio created.
Leafy Avatar
Leafy @Leafy
No bio created.
Sigima Avatar
Sigima @Sigima
No bio created.
animebot Avatar
animebot @animebot
No bio created.
Krimpidinkie Avatar
Krimpidinkie @Krimpidinkie
No bio created.
eva266 Avatar
eva266 @eva266
No bio created.
techo Avatar
techo @techo
No bio created.
Joltz Avatar
Joltz @Joltz
No bio created.
Mark Avatar
Mark @Japplengmark
Always improving the website that you adore! =D
Natsume14 Avatar
Natsume14 @Natsume14
No bio created.
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Mark says
❤ 0
☰ 3d
On lunch break but I'm doing well with the new menu system. It's taking a fair bit longer because I'm genuinely putting heart into this menu unlike the preivous one which was just "eh, looks nice" after 2 minutes of design.  The new menu is very considerate on what you need, customizable features, and full PC / Tablet / Mobile support.  I'm on the mobile support part now.

With that, a fleet of new features and sections are coming because now I figured out how to make it all easily accessible and fit together. Check the dev post for details on this. smile
Mark says
❤ 0
☰ 3d

Mark says
❤ 0
☰ 5d
I wasn't able to complete the update yesterday because I didn't get the time on Thursday to work on the site. I will continue the updates on Monday.

I did want to point out that many of the new features are complete but I can't release them as-is because they rely on the completion of other things. For example the new menu system relies on the new section and features that aren't complete yet. My apologies :X  You can reach out to me on our Discord if you like or post here. Thank you for your time!
Mark says
❤ 1
☰ 7d
Version 1.6 is coming this friday. Be sure to check out the dev thread about it here!

In summary:
+ New Site Menu / Better UX
+ Pet system / Achievement System prep work will be complete
+ 2 New Apps
+ The return of the main forums
+ New sections, New features
+ Many bug fixes
+ X-Mas 2019 Event Begins!
+ Version 1.61 - 1.62 Preview (Releases next Friday)
+ Even more stuff.... Check it out!

Also next week Jappleng will begin its marketing. Meaning we will be sending out notices that the site is released and doing social media things. Hopefully you will all come to take part of site activities. Please invite all your friends and use the site smile
❤ 0
☰ 14d

Hello I'm new

What do you think of L'arc en ciel?
Reiko says
❤ 0
☰ 15d

Need an anime or two to binge this long weekend .ideas?

New Friendship!
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