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Rasp-b Avatar
Rasp-b @Rasp-b
No bio created.
Amanda_k Avatar
Amanda_k @Amanda_k
No bio created.
DualShell Avatar
DualShell @DualShell
No bio created.
Alice Avatar
Alice @Alice
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techo Avatar
techo @techo
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Memento Avatar
Memento @Memento
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Yuuuuru Avatar
Yuuuuru @Yuuuuru
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xxarctic Avatar
xxarctic @xxarctic
No bio created.
Natsume14 Avatar
Natsume14 @Natsume14
No bio created.
animegurlyf Avatar
animegurlyf @animegurlyf
Spending all my money on Anime.
wanwanwan Avatar
wanwanwan @wanwanwan
Prepare for trouble and make it double!
Mel22JuJu Avatar
Mel22JuJu @Mel22JuJu
No bio created.
ichan Avatar
ichan @ichan
No bio created.
The_Odd_1 Avatar
The_Odd_1 @The_Odd_1
No bio created.
Michelle Avatar
Michelle @Michelle
No bio created.
Luna Makkuro Avatar
Luna Makkuro @Luna Makkuro
No bio created.
Bumi Avatar
Bumi @Bumi
No bio created.
animebomb Avatar
animebomb @animebomb
No bio created.
Yuri Avatar
Yuri @Yuri
No bio created.
ELied Avatar
ELied @ELied
No bio created.
Rebecca Avatar
Rebecca @Rebecca
No bio created.
Mahoutsukai Avatar
Mahoutsukai @Mahoutsukai
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jbucknole Avatar
jbucknole @jbucknole
No bio created.
ケイリー Avatar
ケイリー @ケイリー
No bio created.
Koolar Avatar
Koolar @Koolar
No bio created.
Zachary Sharp Avatar
Zachary Sharp @Zachary Sharp
No bio created.
Reiko Avatar
Reiko @Reiko
No bio created.
Rozagon Avatar
Rozagon @Rozagon
No bio created.
tesfayexo Avatar
tesfayexo @tesfayexo
No bio created.
Otaku_Gamer Avatar
Otaku_Gamer @Otaku_Gamer
No bio created.
OG Jappleng Avatar
OG Jappleng @Japplengmark
Always improving the website that you adore! =D
~Kin~ Avatar
~Kin~ @~Kin~
No bio created.
Aina Avatar
Aina @Aina
No bio created.
Rasko Avatar
Rasko @Rasko
No bio created.
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J-World Live Feed
New Friendship!
❤ 0
☰ 8d
As people can see, there are quite a few new people now taking part of the website. This is progress towards the right direction and I'm really happy to see this.

This means I don't need to close this project but continue working on it instead. Please let me know how you feel about this project and let your friends know!  It's a free to use service after all ^___^
❤ 1
☰ 9d

Kurumi is best girl!

Ginger says
❤ 2
☰ 11d

Hello! I am new here and new to learning Jappanese. 

❤ 0
☰ 13d

There's still no timeline yet on when I'll be working on Jappleng again. Yokai Masters is taking longer than expected because of life reasons and I'm porting it over to unreal engine since Javascript had too many reasons to abandon. At least it's going to be a much better game and will release for iOS/iPadOS and Android initially smile

New Friendship!
Gamer_bunny123 posted an image
❤ 1
☰ 16d
Simple and short...
Simple and short...
❤ 2
☰ 16d

Hi im New here I want to see some anime cuss I do vids and I need them to dra so can yall like help this girl aka me to do some things on this app thx

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