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Good rhythm games?
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Steam Punk
DeathySpaghetti Began the thread with...
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☰ Posted: 114 days ago

Massive fan of taiko and osu! Any other hidden gems?

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Authentic GM
OG Jappleng Said...
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☰ Posted: 108 days ago

hmm... Good question. There was another that I used to play on android called Cyrus I think?

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J-World Live Feed
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i want tolearn in many ways

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you guys should watch rezero starding in another life

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If you guys are wondering what's up with Yokai Masters, I had a big bulk of the web game ready in early July. But, I abandoned it in favor of a mobile variant of it instead. So instead of having a basic version of the game for Jappleng, there will be a full-featured 3D game for android / iOS instead.

Initially the idea was a simple web app to help promote the site with some key learning elements added to the game. But, it was a bad idea in the end. It couldn't fit the format I was hoping for and derailed attention from what Jappleng is about. So project Inari is being merged with Yokai Masters as a very unique game coming either very late in the year or early next year.
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☰ 9d

What's on your mind?

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☰ 9d

well i need to make an anime

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[ Sept 16 2020]

Hey, been a while right?  I stopped working on Jappleng in February, got really burnt out from it. Let's just say it's been a project that I worked on since Dec 2005 on my own. It's been through many revisions, it had a few phases of communities and even at some point it was "the place" to go.  But, It's always been a constant struggle to keep up with making the site modern and better. I had to do 3 back-to-back revisions that took a few years just to catch up. To put it plainly, it sucked the life out of me.

I want to keep working on the project but I might have to downsize it. It's a free to use project and I don't profit from it in any way so likewise, it's not an easy task to find volunteers. BUT, Jappleng is pretty ambitious with its goals and it would be fun to see it strive again.

What can be changed that appeals to most people?
I don't know. I know making an app would help, but it would take a lot of time I think. But I do want to build a phone app for it, but only if the website can have a modest community.

What you can do to help:
If you would like to help, and I know it's asking for a lot but consider this. I spent about 30,000hours on this project. It seems ridiculous but if you consider the amount of revisions I put into the site over 15 years and the tremendous aount of articles I wrote (most which aren't online anymore because sections were removed), then it starts to make sense. The only thing I ask is for people to help cheering me on, commenting on this post for example to say "keep going!" or join our discord channel, use our forums daily, and push to help make the community active.

Basically, when people become active, others will follow because there are a lot and I mean a lot of lurkers here. Hundreds come every day.  So please consider lending your helping hand and I promise I can push myself to build Jappleng into an exciting, fun-filled J-Communtity.

Thank you!!
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