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OCTOBER 8, 2020: Welcome to Jappleng! - We are relaunching the project after a year's hiatus. Many new things are coming including a mobile App! We have discord here and encourage everyone to join our humble website / community. This is an indie project. Enjoy!
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February 26 - Mobile support BETA and other updates
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OG Jappleng Began the thread with...
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☰ Posted: 245 days ago
Today has been faily productive and it was an acumulation of 2 days of work. I hereby declare the first day which Jappleng can be used on mobile devices, or at least BETA. Please let me know here if there are any weird issues. Please tell me what browse you are using and device so I can fix it.

J-Spot Social:
  1. Friend of friends or posts made on a third party from your wall (unassociated with you) will now display correctly. This has no effect on posts prior to today but it should have resolved incorrect threads moving forward.
  2. Removed the URL button from the tools editor since it is no longer necessary as links parse automatically

News in Japan: [Legacy]
  1. Completed legacy support migration from the old system. Now old news articles posted by members of the site (over 500 articles) can be read again.
  2. Top news articles now has legacy support
  3. Category view now has legacy support
  4. News home page redirects to dashboard or login since it no longer exists

J-Culture: [Legacy]
  1. Completed legacy support migration from the old system. Now old cultural editiorials can be accessed again.
  2. Top editorials now has legacy support
  3. Category view now has legacy support
  4. Culture home page redirects to education home page since it no longer exists

Travel Japan: [Legacy]
  1. Completed legacy support migration from the old system. Now old travel articles can accessed again.
  2. Top editorials now has legacy support
  3. Category view now has legacy support
  4. Travel home page redirects to education home page since it no longer exists

Resolved Links:
  1. Start Learning here on Mobile devices has been resolved (Now goes to /education instead of the forum post)

Mobile support:
  1. (MENU) Site Menu's Avatar positioning has been resolved across different resolutions
  2. (MENU) Site Menu's Avatar Menu and Main Menu's Close button display and click issues have been resolved
  3. (MENU) Avatar Menu's Level, XP, J-Coins and Username display has been corrected and is now readable
  4. (MENU) Site's Menu: Resolved issue where in some situations scrolling passed a certain point was not possible.
  5. (Global) Positioning of the Page's Cover image has been resolved
  6. (Global) Text position and size of the page's cover has been corrected
  7. (Global) Max-height for cover images has been set to 190px (mobile only)
  8. (Global) Cover Menu button displays larger menu options
  9. (Dashboard) - Edit button has been resized and repositioned
  10. Note: Dashboard support complete, only event calendar requires changes, will do later
  11. (Education) All elements on the education home page has been correted for mobile compatibility
  12. (Education) Course notification display has been resolved, also defeault message has been updated
  13. (Education) Course enrollment button has a deeper shade of green, it is now easier to read
  14. (Global) Capsule header font size has been reduced to prevent double lines
  15. (Education) Links to lessons are now clickable from the element and not just the text. This makes it easier for mobile users. Additionally, logged in users will access the lesson instead of the page refreshing.
  16. (Education) All elements on the course home page has been updated to support mobile devices
  17. (Global) Images with captions have better font size and padding
  18. (Global) Page documents have reduced padding for mobile devices
  19. (Global) Page documents with bottom-page references no longer are displayed in an odd position for mobile devices
  20. (Global) Page documents with a page image such as news, or education posts have a max height to reduce the need to scroll on mobile devices.
  21. (Education) Lesson Chapter container display issues have been resolved across all devices
  22. (Lesson) Added "wo" character in the stroke order chart in JPLearn! Lesson 3
  23. (Lesson) Added image of the Hiragana Chart in JPLearn! Lesson 3 for mobile users
  24. (Lesson) Resolved image display issue in the lesson "Japanese Tipping and Etiquette"
  25. (Education) Link to assignment can be clicked anywhere within the element. This should help mobile users navigate.
  26. (Education) Added support to "Assignments and progress" module for the Course progress page. Also the page has been udpated with new information.
  27. (Education section is now mobile friendly)
  28. (Dictionary) Dictionary home page has been given mobile support
  29. (Dictionary) Dictionary word definition page has been given mobile support
  30. (Dictionary) Dictionary search results is now mobile compatible
  31. (Dictionray) Padding added to search terms
  32. (Friend Finder) Friend finder is now mobile compatible
  33. (Module) Club Participation is now mobile compatible
  34. (Image Gallery) Albums View, Ablum Creator, Album Viewer, Image uploader and Image viewer are now all mobile compatible
  35. (Friend List) Friend list is now mobile compatible
  36. (Cover image) Cover image edit has been improved for mobile devices
  37. (J-Spot Social) Resolved display issue with user emblems
  38. (J-Spot Social) User stats underneath the avatar has been resized correctly
  39. (J-Spot Social) Post likes has been positioned and sized correctly
  40. (J-Spot Social) "Posted xTime" has been resized correctly
  41. (J-Spot Social) Username says... etc. Has been resized and positioned correctly
  42. (J-Spot Social) Newlyposted comments are now mobile compatible
  43. (J-Spot Social) Reply and Open editor buttons have been resized for mobile support
  44. (J-Spot Social) Club participation has been given mobile support
  45. (J-Spot Social) Resolved display issues with the new feed items popup in both position and display on mobile and pc devices. This also includes the minimized button.
  46. (J-Spot Social) Resolved issue where some content would stay on screen instead of scrolling.
  47. (General) Resolved display issues with the orange warning dialog on mobile devices
  48. (Clubs) Club Cover text is now mobile compatible
  49. (Clubs) Display and actions relating to Create a new post feature for mobile users have been resolved
  50. (Clubs / Forums) Word break has been added to forum display tables
  51. (Clubs) Announcements are now mobile compatible
  52. (Clubs) Club Menu is now mobile compatible
  53. (Clubs) Settings page is now mobile compatible
  54. (Clubs) Wiki entries now have a legible font size on mobile devices
  55. (Clubs) Updated text that explained how to post urls and youtube videos since it is now possible to paste links and have it convert automatically. - Wiki
  56. (Forums) First post is now mobile compatible
  57. (Forums) Every post is now mobile compatible
  58. (Forums) In-thread Pagination is now mobile compatible
  59. (Forums) New Post / Reply / Moderator buttons are fixed for mobile devices
  60. (Forums) Tools editor has been resized to fit for mobile devices
  61. (Forums) Add link button has been removed because the site auto-parses links now
  62. (Polls) Poll choices have been resized for better mobile viewing / usability
  63. (J-spot) J-Spot stats module which appears under the avatar has been removed for mobile devices to make room for the post.
  64. (J-Spot) Revised how mobile devices render J-spot posts and resolved a significant amount of display issues.
  65. (Forums) Signatures now display correctly under mobile devices
  66. (Forums) Forum posts now display correctly under mobile devices including avatar, emblems, thread title, menu etc...
  67. (Clubs) Resolved minor display issues for mobile devices

Thank you!
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Gawr Gura
Gawr Gura
New Friendship!
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I have almost completed the search feature, it will be up by Monday sometime. It will search everything on the site using keywords isntead of tags.  The result will be more similar to how Google shows results than how it is now. Also, if you didn't know, you can currently search through dictionary words using the Jappleng dictionary and you can also find other people using the Friend finder (click on your avatar for it).

Lastly, I've been trying to get the e-mail server running but it's a lot of training to go through. I hope to get it running soon~

And a happy welcome to all our new members!  If you don't know yet, Jappleng is back from hiatus and lots of things are underway!


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My eyes are happy.

OG Jappleng says to
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Thanks for accepting my friend request!

New Friendship!
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