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[bug] my club subs link from the menu is broke
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xX_TheShrek_X_x Began the thread with...
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☰ Posted: 38 days ago

The link going to my club subs is broken from the menu.

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Authentic GM
Mark Said...
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☰ Posted: 8 days ago

I meant to tag this as fixed. It's fixed lol

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Mark says
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☰ 22h
80% of Jappleng is now mobile compatible, at least in theory.  I have yet to actually test this but I will tomorrow as I complete the update.  Many other changes as well has been applied to make the site feel more polished. :D
Mark says
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☰ 2d
Issue relating to the new popup thing asking people to login or register has been fixed on mobile devices.
Amanda_k posted an image
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☰ 3d
The Rock in sonic sequel?
The Rock in sonic sequel?
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☰ 3d

Woah! Everything is so different now!

New Friendship!
New Friendship!
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