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The Secrets of Jappleng
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☰ Posted: 174 days ago
Welcome to the Secrets of Jappleng Page!

Here you will find information about the many secrets that Jappleng holds.

1. The Secret of J-Coins and Secret J-Coins
Most actions you complete on Jappleng will generate J-Coins for you. You may use these J-Coins to buy things in the Jappleng Market. Occasionally you may find a J-Coin hidden on the site, click on the J-Coin to collect a random amount. The generator is based on activity level and not page refresh, therefore the more people are participating on the site (posting on the forums, j-spot, completing lessons, etc...) the more likely a coin will appear. These coins do not appear for guests. Completing achievements may also give you J-Coins if the reward has J-Coins.

2. The purpose of the Achievements
The purpose of the achievements system was to help people learn more about what can be done around Jappleng since Jappleng is very big and has many sections. In reward of completing certain tasks, the member is rewarded. Rewards also help people unlock new features or have the necessary preparations for trying things they haven't tried yet such as adding an emblem to their avatar or customizing a signature, obtaining an egg to hatch for their pet and so forth....

3. Jappleng is mainly a free to use project, was built by 1 person and as a hobby
Jappleng was founded by me in 2005 and its earliest version called "Jappleng Blog" which was about my progress about learning Japanese. It evolved into Jappleng News then Jappleng.2, then Jappleng University and then just Jappleng over the years. It was once a very popular forum with tens of thousands of members but due to cost and my inability to put more time into the project as I myself was trying to go to college and keep a job, I had to close the site for some time. My promise to everyone was that Jappleng would one day return and that it did. In 2014 I started development again, although it was buggy and was too large by 2016, it was released in "beta" and a year later in 2017 Jappleng released "complete". However by then mobile devices were the norm and the static design made it very difficult to use for anyone not using a PC. I took a break for 6 months and started work again in January 2018. I worked all day almost every day until January 2020 to complete Jappleng. The revised design was not just better for all devices but it also resolved all the issues that it presented. It was a long, difficult process which hardly anyone was supportive of. I hope that Jappleng will continue to be free to use.

4. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Enter
That is the only hint you are getting for this secret achievement.

5. This is how you can find the Global Moderators (GM)
Go to friend finder then tick the slider for "GM" and click search. You will then be able to see GMs.

6. You can enter in relationships
When you are a friend with someone, you can enter a relationship with them. Visit their J-Spot profile and then click on the menu. There is an option for "Request Relationship". If they agree, you two will be in a relationship and their avatar will appear on your J-Spot with a heart. You can find people looking for a relationship using the friend finder.

7. Daily Login Bonuses
Login every day to obtain your daily login bonus! Sometimes they are J-Coins, sometimes they are more than that....

8. We have special events!
Jappleng is setup similarly like a game and I believe it may be one of the only websites in the world that does this. In that regard, there are events which are observed and special prizes are given out. For istance, if it's October, we have a Halloween event where the daily login bonuses are different, there are new or Halloween exclusive items in the J-World market. Additionally, we may have chat related events (party?), competitions and other things that may be relevant to the event.

9. Sticker Collection
Your sticker collection shows how much you know about Jappleng. It's similar to the achievements system except there's a degree of grind involved because some stickers may only be obtained via achievements, events, competition participation, and so on... Anyone can see your sticker collection and whenever a new sticker is available, be sure to obtain it as some of them are obtainable only from events. The exact method to obtain a particular sticker remains a mystery and it is up to the community to figure out how to unlock them.

10. ??????????????????
This secret will be unveiled soon!

More secrets will be unveiled when the site gets bigger!
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Do you love headpats?
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