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OCTOBER 8, 2020: Welcome to Jappleng! - We are relaunching the project after a year's hiatus. Many new things are coming including a mobile App! We have discord here and encourage everyone to join our humble website / community. This is an indie project. Enjoy!
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Jappleng's Grand List of Features
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☰ Posted: 314 days ago
Welcome everyone to Jappleng's Grand List of Features!

The amount of features found around this project keeps expanding and there are too many to genuinely list. Therefore, smaller features will not be included here but this post should rather serve as a guide to help understand the website structure.

(After writing this list I realized just how many features and section I had accomplished in the years of development. I'm a bit impressed with myself)

Sections and Features Within the Main Website
  • Jappleng Education
    • Education Home Page
    • Getting Started
    • Course List
    • Newest Lessons
    • Jappleng Dictionary
      • Dictionary Home Page
      • Dictonary Word Search (English / Japanese)
      • Dictionary Word Page
    • Course Home Page (Overview)
      • Course Lesson List
      • Course Lesson Page
      • Course Chapters
      • Course Assignments Tracker
      • Course Assignment Viewer
      • Course Calendar
      • Course to Club Bridge
      • Grading System
        • Star Grading
        • Number Grading
    • Vocabulary Tracker
      • Excel Import Support
      • CVS Import Support
      • Import from Lesson / Course
      • Make your own card system
      • Flashcard integration
      • Progress integration
      • Word ranking integration
    • View All Assignments
    • Students Participating
    • About the Teacher
    • Full WYSWYG Editor
      • Audio Player supporting Playlists
      • Video Player supporting Playlists and YouTube Embedding
      • Google API (Maps) Support
    • Teacher's Portal
    • Course Editor
      • Lesson Editor
      • Chapters Editor
      • Student Progress Portal
      • Course Code Generator
    • Course Subscription System
      • Free Enrollment
      • Paid Enrollment (J-Coins, Tokens, Real Currency
  • Travel Section (Temporary disabled, merged as "Japan Life Course")
  • Immigration Section (Not yet available)
  • Club Jappleng
    • Club Home Portal
    • Browse Clubs by Category
    • Top Clubs List
    • Browse all club forums
    • Browse Categories
      • Category View Page
    • Best in Albums
    • Club Creation Page
    • Club View Home Page
      • Club Information
      • Club Announcement
      • Club Announcement Message Editor
      • Club Wiki
        • Club Wiki Home Page
        • Club Wiki Entry Viewer
        • Club Wiki Entry Creator
        • Club Wiki Entry History Viewer
        • Club Wiki Entry History Page Viewer
        • Club Wiki Menu Editor
      • Club Forums
        • Club Forum Category Viewer
        • Club Forum Category Editor
        • Club Forum Thread List Page
        • Club Forum Thread View Page
        • Club Forum Thread Creator
        • Club Forum Thread Reply Editor
        • Club Forum Moderator Panel
      • Club Polls
        • Club Polls List
        • Club Poll Creator
      • Club Albums
        • Club Album Creator / Manager
        • Club Album View
        • Club Album Image View Page
      • Club Calendar
        • Calendar Viewer
        • Event Creator / Editor
      • Club Members List
        • Club Member Rank System
      • Club Activity Viewer
      • Club Treasury (Currently Disabled)
      • Club Experience and Rank Up
      • Club Quiz (Not yet available)
      • "Clubs We Like" Affiliate program
    • My Club Subs
    • Club Editor
    • Club Theme Support
  • Friend Finder
    • Comprehensive Search Features including user interests, GM, "Like" and more
    • Top Members
    • Pen-Pal System
  • My Friends
    • Friends Manager
    • Friends Viewer
    • Relationship Manager
    • Pen-Pal Viewer
  • Try Something Random
  • J-Spot Social Network
    • My Feed
    • Friend / Guest Feed
    • J-World Public Feed
    • My Interests
    • Friend / Guest view Interests
    • Club Participation
    • Stickers
    • Achievements
    • Albums
      • Album Manager / Creator
      • Album Viewer
      • Image Viewer
    • Post Like System for all post types
    • Cover, Avatar, ID Card customization, Bio Change
    • J-World Live Feed
    • Friend Association System
    • J-Spot Theme Support
  • J-World Gallery Feed
    • Anonymous Album Image Publication System
  • Main Forums
    • Forum Category Viewer
    • Forum Category Editor
    • Forum Thread List Page
    • Forum Thread View Page
    • Forum Thread Creator
    • Forum Thread Reply Editor
    • Forum Moderator Panel
    • Forum Active Posts
    • Forum Recent Posts
    • My Forum Post Subscriptions
    • My Forum Posts
    • Full WYSWYG Editor including J-World Gallery image embed, videos and Kaomoji Database
  • My Dashboard
  • My Calendar
  • Interactive Media & Chat (IMChat)
    • Direct Messaging System
    • Club Channel Chat
    • Public Lobby Chat (Topics)
    • Closed Topics
    • Chat Settings
    • New Channel Creator and User invitation system
    • Standard WYSYWG editor including Media and Kaomoji embedding
    • All language supported
    • Jappleng Radio (Not yet enabled)
  • Jappleng (Web) Apps
    • App List Page
    • App Page
    • Leaderboard Page with related features
    • Flashcard App
    • Integration with user vocabulary tracker
  • Jappleng Underground Market
    • Market Home Page
    • Market Item List
    • Market Item Viewer
    • Market News List
    • Market News Item View
    • Market Purchase System
    • Public Market (Buy/Sell) (Not yet enabled)
    • Limited time / sales system
  • My Achievements
  • My Stickers
  • My Dorm (Soon)
  • Pet Raise System (Beta users only)
    • ???????? (Beta users only)
    • ???????? (Beta users only)
    • ???????? (Beta users only)
    • ???????? (Beta users only)
    • ???????? (Beta users only)
    • ???????? (Beta users only)
    • ???????? (Beta users only)
    • ???????? (Beta users only)
    • ???????? (Beta users only)
    • ???????? (Beta users only)
  • Daily Login Bonus
    • Bonus Wheel Spin System
    • Secret Item on Page RNG Bonus System
  • My Account Settings and Privacy
    • Ability to change account settings in detail
  • Maturity Settings / Filter
  • Theme Support
  • Dark Mode Support (Soon)
  • Jappleng Home Page (Guest)
  • Registration System
  • Login / Logout System
  • Jappleng Administrative System (Not for public, very comprehensive)
  • Experience Point and Leveling System
  • Achievements System
  • Inventory Manager
  • Live Notification System
  • Spell Check Toggle
  • Online Status System
  • Hashtag and User mention system
  • RSS / XML Feed Support
  • Website search feature (Presently disabled)
  • Custom Menu Shortcuts
  • User Emblem Support
  • Website Use Tutorial System
  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookies?
  • Contact Us
  • Information for Parents and Teachers
Jappleng Mobile
  • Mobile Web Support
  • Tablet Web Support
  • Android App Support (In development)
  • iOS App Support (In Development)
* ASCII Icons may not appear correctly on some mobile devices, as such each of these icons are being converted into images. Please let us know what does not appear correctly on your device.

Browser Support
  • Mozilla Firefox 36+
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11+ (Not completely support, don't use this browser for anything please)
  • Android Browser
  • Duckduckgo Browser
  • In General, TV Browsers work
  • In General, Gaming consoles work
  • Most modern browsers should be compatible

Legacy Sections that have been disabled
  • Jappleng Public News (JPN)
  • JVShare Videos
  • Travel Japan
  • Entertainment Section (J-Pop Culture)
  • Q.Bin System
  • Sekai Forums

Those are all the features available so far. Please let me know if you would like to see more sections / features as I'm always willing to improve your experiences here.
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Luna Makkuro posted an image
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☰ 3d
Gawr Gura
Gawr Gura
New Friendship!
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☰ 4d
I have almost completed the search feature, it will be up by Monday sometime. It will search everything on the site using keywords isntead of tags.  The result will be more similar to how Google shows results than how it is now. Also, if you didn't know, you can currently search through dictionary words using the Jappleng dictionary and you can also find other people using the Friend finder (click on your avatar for it).

Lastly, I've been trying to get the e-mail server running but it's a lot of training to go through. I hope to get it running soon~

And a happy welcome to all our new members!  If you don't know yet, Jappleng is back from hiatus and lots of things are underway!


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☰ 5d


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☰ 6d

My eyes are happy.

OG Jappleng says to
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☰ 7d

Thanks for accepting my friend request!

New Friendship!
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