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Getting Started with Jappleng
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☰ Posted: 42 days ago
There's a tremendous amount of things to do on Jappleng and it's hard to really go through and explain it all in a short post. However I have confidence I can at the very least get you started.

What do you do on Jappleng?
The purpose of Jappleng is to bridge Japan and the rest of the world together. Meaning it's a place to learn about Japan, the Japanese Language, getting and giving Career advice, Pen-Pal / Language exchange, creating and joining clubs whether they are for studies or personal interests, meeting new people by various means including a comprehensive interest based friend finder, and let me take a breather.... ....and it's a place where you can socialize with others using the exclusive J-Spot Social Network, online chat called IMChat or IMC, there are forums, wiki, calendar, polls, image galleries, marketboard to use your hard earend J-Coins from completing lessons, posting on the site, logging in every day and mind you there is also a daily login bonus, there are achievements, practice apps (games) and so much more! Eventually there will also be a pet raising system which will help you learn Japanese so your pet will grow as you grow! And that's all just scratching the surface.... In fact a lot of other sections including News in Japan, Entertainment, Travel, etc... have been created but disabled because Jappleng was simply too big!

Okay, that's a lot of stuff, but how do I navigate?
Jappleng supports PC, Mac, Tablets and Smartphones with really poor resolution all the way up to 8K+ displays. If you encounter anything that may look or act strange, please post it in the support forum. With that said, Jappleng resizes itself automatically to fit your screen however the screen size. See, grow and shrink your screen, it has 3 Modes. PC, Tablet, Mobile. Each has their own appearance and so navigating the site is a bit different on each device.

Namely, you will have a Main Navigation at the top of the website, presently it may appear a dark color with the words Learn! | Discover | Community | Fun | with your avatar to the right side of the screen. Hovering or clicking on those menu items will bring down a menu corresponding to said topic. You can browse through different parts of the website from there.

If you hover or click on your avatar, a different kind of menu will appear which is reserved for your own things like Settings, Dashboard, Themes, Dark Mode, Logout, etc...

I want to Learn Japanese, where do I begin?
The education home page can be found here: Education Home Page

You will need to enroll in a desired course because of the personal tracking features included in our Learning Management System. For instance JPLearn! is a great place to begin learning Japanese as these lessons were written considering the student knows nothing about the Japanese language. There are various different ways you can browse through our course selections. Presently, all of our lessons are Free.

An explanation about how Homework / Assignments work is given in detail in the JPLearn! course.

Is there a quick list of links to different community sections?
Jappleng Underground Market (Where you unlock things)

To access the online chat, you will need to access it via your menu under the Community tab since it is not a page on its own.
There's more to explore! Please go around and see what you can find, exploring is part of the fun smile

Can I share Jappleng with all my friends?
Absolutely! Tell everyone you think who would enjoy this because this project took a very, very long time to build from the ground-up by myself. ( ´∀`)ノ~ ♡

How does Jappleng Money?
It's a hobby project and no money is being made, not even with ads. Maybe something will change one day but for now I'm generously donating my time and resources to keep this project alive. It makes me happy to see people enjoy using this project.

Is there a mobile App?
Not yet! This is a planned feature to arrive sometime in 2020 but Jappleng just made itself available to the full public in mid-December 2019. With that said, bugs need to be fixed first and then Mobile support is top priority!

Good luck and have fun!
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Mark says
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☰ 14h
I get that the community has really no activity unless I ask people to help and there hasn't been a posted update in a week.

However, this is the calm before the storm. I've been hard at work on things, surprises even... What could they be I wonder? Why have I not said anything for a week? Hmmm.... Guess you'll find out in a few days.

Let's just say it's everything and more. smile
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