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What is to come, back to resume development (May 1, 2019)
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☰ Posted: 390 days ago
Hello everyone! I'm sure you are all eager (the few whom are here) to know what is going to happen next with Jappleng. I will keep this as short as I can.

After upgrading to a better server, a much higher version of PHP, etc... A lof of Jappleng broke down as it wasn't compatible and I had to fix this piece-by-piece. There are still many features and sections that are broken because of this and this will be priority #1.

Second in priority will be to add mobile compatibility to the remaining sections.

Third priority will be to make Jappleng more inviting to join such as an imporoved home page, registration system, login system, call-to-action etc...

Fourth Priority will be to write scripts that will enroll Patreon Supporters with their benefits in one click and hopefully automatically one day.

Further development on the website will be announced once these are completed.
New content will be developed as well, however website development will take immediate priority as many things render the site completely broken. New content will be added after crucial website development are made.

New content will include new lessons, new cultural articles, development vlogs for Patreon subscribers.

New lessons, cultural articles etc... Will be placed behind a special Patreon course which is a hold-over for a few weeks before it becomes available to the public. This is to give people an incentive to support me via Patreon since the overhead is enormous and I don't want to burden everyone behind a paywall.

You can now support Jappleng via Patreon! There are different tiers and they offer different kinds of rewards. Please take a look:

Support is greatly appreciated and will help me focus more of my time on this project than trying to find funds to support it. I want to keep Jappleng free for everyone. It's not really a non-profit but it kind of is.
Jappleng is on Twitter and education / Jappleng related posts will soon become the norm once the development schedule normalizes. Please follow:

Jappleng will return on Facebook at least temporarily to see if it's worth it. No link is available yet.

Jappleng will be on YouTube. There will be private development vlog videos about the future of Jappleng, what is being worked on and a means to stay in communication with Patreon supporters.  There will also be instructional videos on how to use Jappleng, and perhaps when the time is right, educational videos.

Flashcards will be the next major feature to implement. While there are other learning apps partially developed, there are a lot of other things that will take priority and will have to be on the back-burner for now.
There will be a mobile App for Jappleng, however this will take time to design and develop. I want this to work well across as many devices as possible. It will initially release with only a few things that you can do but over time, more features and sections will be supported.
This is a big deal, and I will push for this to happen. There are many ways which I hope to expand the community but before I do, I need to make Jappleng stable enough so people can use the website, register, and login without frustration.

There are thousands of members, I will send them all a newsletter when the time is right, there are thousands of followers around my social media circles, and I know a few people whom have agreed to put the word out when the time is right. There are also other avenues which I will look into but this is all I am willing to publicly disclose at this time.

All of this will not be easy to do. Jappleng has to be a side-project now until enough Patreon supporters are there to help me devote all of my time back to the project. It will take a few weeks to accomplish what I've listed above except for the community aspect which is completely up to the people. I can only build this project and spread the word, it is up to the visitors to join, and the members to post if they wish to see the site strive. So please post as much as you can! It will really help especially if you can't donate, this is just-as good! Just don't give up, keep posting and posting and posting every day. Others will follow!
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☰ 2d

Daily login rewards have been re-activated and I have overloaded the rewards with J-Coins and gacha coupons. Usually it's a nice variety of different things but I didn't have time to perepare so I gave you all a chance to stock up on a crazy amount of J-coins smile

New Friendship!
Would you prefer a mobile app of the website? Same thing/faster/can be downloaded
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☰ 3d

Daily login bonuses coming back tomorrow!

I am creating a list of rewards and will be bringing it back tomorrow.

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☰ 3d
I will be resuming development on Jappleng begining Tuesday May 26!

I don't want to compete with the author of HunterXHunter with who can do the most hiatus so my 2 month hiatus is coming to an end next week. Please look forward to it!
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☰ 4d
If she doesn't get picked in the end, I'm throwing hands.

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☰ 4d
Many new members have joined recently, I'm pretty surprised by it. It seems that the word is spreading about this project, ironically after I stopped working on it / gave up. I tried to spread the word myself, it didn't work. So after I give up the word spreads?

I don't know what to do to be honest.

Should I work on this project more, fix up the design issues, add new lessons and try to get people active here again? Let me know!
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