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Been taking time away from Jappleng but the site is booming!
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☰ Posted: 180 days ago
Hello everyone! This is OG Jappleng, and I am the sole creator of Jappleng.

I've worked on this project for years, and had to remake it several times to catch up with technological changes and it took a lot of time to do since Jappleng is so big. On the last release prior to this, people wanted Jappleng to support mobile devices, and I spent the past 2+ years remaking the site from ground-up to do just that. However, over two months ago when Jappleng relaunched, people said they wanted an app instead. Times change and people want different things but I'm only one person and this is a free-to-use service.

I tried to appeal the site to people, and get people exicted to register etc... I failed, at least at first. It was a frustrating experience and I knew it would be harder than building the site. Mentally it was difficult because I felt like I wasted over 30,000 hours of my life. So I took a break.

But since I've been gone, it seems people are coming to the site much more now, and there are 30+ members registering per week. That is on average 4 members per day and I'm pretty proud of that number. Yet, there may be many new members but there aren't many who posts which is kind of the point of this site as a J-community.

Moving forward:
I have been busy this past month, I have been studying game development and mobile development. Actually I've been working on two games, but one of them mostly which involves Japanese culture. I won't explain what it is yet, although I will announce it formally in a few months. With that said, I do have plans on releasing a mobile app for Jappleng but that may be some time from now so don't wait for it to be released, just drag Jappleng's bookmark to your home screen instead since the site works on mobile devices anyway. ;)

  1. I do have plans on updating the site. The header navigation will be significantly improved. It's too much right now, It's confusing and I think a proper (fitting) header is needed now.
  2. I also got an iPad Pro which means I can draw things again. So expect lessons and such to have drawings to help illustrate things. I can't draw with a mouse.
  3. There's about a dozen or so lessons ready to be published, those will be published soon I think.
  4. I may get rid of the clubs section for now since nobody uses them and it adds to confusion.
  5. Daily login bonuses will return tomorrow.
  6. Pet system will be pretty easy to implement since I now have an ipad to draw and I know how to use blender to make 3D files now. :D
  7. I've been prepping to move to Amazon's AWS servers, this will also give us a chance to send out newsletters without getting blacklisted by gmail/outlook/yahoo etc... That's whyI haven't sent out a "we have launched" newsletter.
  8. I'm planning on a release party with some giveaways
  9. I imagine that Jappleng will be pretty popular in a few weeks once this list has been implemented. So please, take advantage of the site!:D
That is all for today! Thank you for reading!
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