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Need topic ideas as we kickoff Jappleng? Here's some ideas!
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Authentic GM
OG Jappleng Began the thread with...
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☰ Posted: 252 days ago
If you're unsure what to post but you really do want to post something, here are some ideas you can use for your own topics. Of course, feel free to reply to any existing topic to help increase the activity level! Now that I am done Jappleng (for the most part anyway) I am spreading the word that this place exists and the more activity we can have, the nicer of a community we can build together.

Topic ideas:
- Talk about your favorite thing. It could be an anime, Jpop song, vocaloid, a Japanese hobby, sumo, baseball, a videogame, whatever it is, starting a topic about your favorite thing is a great start!

- Ask questions. Whether it is about the Japanese language, culture, or about a particular thing, anime etc... You can even ask how to do something on Jappleng. Ask away!

- Create a forum game! Forum games are interesting and fun for many. In our earlier forums we had many of those and many people posted every day on them.

- Find bugs, throw them in the bug forums. This way I can better improve the site!

- Ask if anyone wants to create a club or be your friend etc... Introduce yourself too!

- Discuss the latest happenings in Japan. It could be something cute, exciting, gloomy, controversial, etc... Whatever kind of news you find about Japan or related to Japan, you can post it!

- Post your artwork, ask for criticism! You can use your image gallery and upload it there, then post it in the forums for more exposure and criticism if you wish.

- The sky is the limit! You may even go to other J-forums around the web and see what other thread ideas inspire you. Reddit might be a good place too to get ideas.

Thank you, and let's build an amazing J-community together!
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Miaterasu Said...
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☰ Posted: 238 days ago

good ideas!

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