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OCTOBER 8, 2020: Welcome to Jappleng! - We are relaunching the project after a year's hiatus. Many new things are coming including a mobile App! We have discord here and encourage everyone to join our humble website / community. This is an indie project. Enjoy!
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Jappleng Release announcement! BIG NEWS!! - READ PLEASE
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OG Jappleng Began the thread with...
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☰ Posted: 261 days ago
Jappleng's release announcement : February 10, 2020

Jappleng will be releasing in a few days! Yes, you heard this right!
Wait it isn't? Not entirely. The dev version is up but it's incomplete AND the site hasn't been announced on the web. So the people here are just here by coincidence / word of mouth. The site itself isn't even complete right now and doesn't support mobile devices.

What new features are coming? Version 1.95 (beta release)

  1. Kana Pop! - New kana training game. It's Retro-styled so think about a a free NES / SNES game that you can play.
  2. Flash Cards - The flash cards will be complete and connected to your vocabulary
  3. Improved dictionary - New features and words will be added to our dictionary!
  4. Mobile Support - Site-wide mobile support will be added. Kindly note that we don't have a mobile app yet. However this will be in the works in the next phase.
  5. Site-wide bug fixes: Many bugs will be fixed
  6. Education enhancements: Various enhancements / completion to the education section will be made
  7. New lessons: New lessons will be added
  8. Embed images from the gallery and kaomoji access everywhere posting is permitted (given some restrictions)
  9. New Emblem: A new emblem will be added and handed out to everyone who registers before the release! This emblem will be only for people whom have registered BEFORE the release. Flaunt it away!
  10. Newsletters: I will attempt to send out newsletters to everyone.
  11. Sharing / Search engine safe titles, descriptions, and other meta definitions for all pages
  12. Improved system to invite guests to register

Version 1.96 (next week) 
  1. Tutorial on how to use the site
  2. Daily login bonus
  3. More lessons will be added
  4. Bug fixes

When are these features releasing?
On Valentines Day, Friday February 14!

When will the community be super active?
I hope shortly after the release. It all depends on YOU, the community. Jappleng is free to use, it has all the features you could ever want in a J-community and these features will continue to expand. Please take advantage of this project. I wish this project existed when I began my journey learning Japanse.

Please help spread the word! Tell your friends on social media, other forums, reddit, etc... Jappleng has zero web presence and no one knows about it yet. I work on this project on my own and hope that I can rely on your support to get the word out. Thank you!!

♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

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OG Jappleng Said...
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☰ Posted: 254 days ago
Just a heads-up, real life got in the way for a few days. As such, I will release the site on Feb 21 instead!

I have already released KanaPop!, The Vocabulary tracker, Dictionary improvements, and many other changes. Sorry for the delay, but I work on Jappleng on my own and it is a hobby project (I don't make money from it) and have to pay the bills somehow. I will continue to work hard on the project so that there is a more quality release by Friday. smile
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Authentic GM
OG Jappleng Said...
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☰ Posted: 244 days ago
Jappleng is in the "Pre-release" state meaning that mobile support now works, and almost everything else does. It is now in the stage of being polished for a better user experience.

The next step is to add new lessons (in the works) and community bulding. This stage will be to try and invite more people to use the site and all of its features like the forums for instance. There is an allure for premium websites which would make this process easier but I refuse and would like to make Jappleng as free as possible for as long as possible. With that said, the hard road has been taken yet again and wish to ask for all of your kind support. To post on the site, use it daily, tell your friends etc... Without a community, Jappleng is nothing.

Thank you all and I hope you enjoy Jappleng!!
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Luna Makkuro posted an image
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Gawr Gura
Gawr Gura
New Friendship!
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I have almost completed the search feature, it will be up by Monday sometime. It will search everything on the site using keywords isntead of tags.  The result will be more similar to how Google shows results than how it is now. Also, if you didn't know, you can currently search through dictionary words using the Jappleng dictionary and you can also find other people using the Friend finder (click on your avatar for it).

Lastly, I've been trying to get the e-mail server running but it's a lot of training to go through. I hope to get it running soon~

And a happy welcome to all our new members!  If you don't know yet, Jappleng is back from hiatus and lots of things are underway!


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My eyes are happy.

OG Jappleng says to
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☰ 7d

Thanks for accepting my friend request!

New Friendship!
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