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Still waiting for Skyrim Together but am stoked about it!
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Mark Began the thread with...
☰ Posted: 190 days ago
I've been playing Final Fantasy 14 for the past 5 months or so while waiting for Skyrim Together to be a thing. They have been diligently working on the project for like 2 years or so and you might be wondering a few things....

1. Is Skyrim still a thing?
Yes, people still play it. Alexa, play Skyrim.

2. What's Skyrim Together?
It's an ambitious mod that lets you play Skyrim in co-op mode. It's kind of like the Tamriel Online mod except this one is developed with the idea of not to fail. Basically it is compatible with most mods out of the box so long as everyone involved has the same mods.

If you want to play with 1 friend, that's fine. If you want to play with two dozen friends, that's fine as well! It's like minecraft where you setup the server and expect everyone to have the same mods as you.

3. How do quests work?
They have a Q&A that explains everything on their reddit channel but basically things should just work.

4. Why has it taken this long?
It has taken this long because they are not working on it all day every day and while Bethesda told them it's okay to do it, they didn't share anything with the mod team to make it easier. So it's basically hacking/modding the game until it works. It's a painfully difficult process.

5. Why haven't they released it yet?
They originally had the code up for grabs years back but people started to use it and claim it as their own, and release it on modding communities under different names. Because it wasn't near completion, it was giving the mod a bad name. So they took it away from the public and developed in secrecy. They are nearly done however.

6. When is it going to release?
They won't say exactly when but they have only a few things remaining on their list of things to do. They update their progress every day on their github and you can catch them on discord to learn more.  It might be this year but they don't want to promise anything in case they miss the deadline due to unforseen circumstances. After all, it's not like working on your own game, this is hacking an existing game (with permission) to develop a server / multiplayer thing.

7. Will it be free or...? And Compatibility?
It won't be put on the creation club and it will be made available for free. PC users are the only ones who will be able to use this for both "Oldrym" and Skyrim SE.

I'd love to play this in VR with so many immersive mods! It would be the perfect game fo me. How about any of you?
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Toots Said...
☰ Posted: 178 days ago

I be ded when it releases. :(

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Authentic GM
Mark Said...
☰ Posted: 68 days ago
Oh, so Skyrim together is released now :D

Well, sort of... Actually it's a closed beta for patreon donators but it should be publicly available afterwards. It's very very buggy right now and there are many missing features but they will be fixing all of this soon. Patches are being released every few days too smile
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