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How websites can steal your clipboard and even insert malware
(This is the thread's starting post)
OG Jappleng
Posted 9 days ago... Menu Button
People may not realize the importance of privacy but if I could give you one example of how your privacy is invaded, it's this. Cliboard hijacking.

Basically, when you visit a website you can give permission to paste what's in your clipboard. Did you copy a password for something? A website can steal that data without you knowing. Did you copy and paste something very personal (could even be a private image) to some other place on your computer? Your clipboard still remembers and websites can easily steal that from you.

Web browsers in the past few years have allowed people to drag-and-drop and paste the full contents of their clipboards. Microsoft also released a history version of their clipboard so make sure you don't enable that, as the data in that clipboard not only can be shared on websites you go to, but Microsoft steals that data from you! Always block Microsoft from all of their keyloggers by using OOSU10 which is free to use (optional donation).

Now that you know that websites can steal what's on your clipboard, how can they inject code? Simple! There's a copy to clipboard function in browsers which is pretty convenient if you like to copy blocks of code or information from websites and paste it on your computer with ease. BUT the catch is, they can hide code and paste viruses on your computer instead.

Now, even if the website is safe to use and you trust it with all your heart, its security may not be up to par. If it isn't, then it could experience one or more different vulnerabilities where user javascript is hijacked without their knowing. So if you read someone's post, it looks fine -- but if it wasn't well validated to prevent javascript attacks, then you could be unknowingly sending your clipboard data to some third party website.

The copy and paste function is pretty bad and unfortunately it's only going to keep getting worse.



Tik-Tok is known to do this at every key press.

Facebook is very likely to be doing this since they are always watching what you're doing.

Google / Youtube is most likely doing this as well.

Twitter is most definitively doing it.

Most major companies are doing this! BEWARE!!!! EVEN ON PHONES!!!!

Imagine copying and pasting an image of yourself somewhere on your computer and the clipboard data is still in memory and then you go type something on tik-tok and there it goes, uploaded for whoever wants to see it. This is bad!

If you ask if Jappleng has ever done this, the answer is no. I'm a privacy advocate! I also enforce a lot and i mean a lot of protection on each and every form and feature you use on the site which is why it takes forever to complete a new feature. Hurray for being a seasoned securty expert I guess? :P



You can disable websites from secretly copying and pasting in your browser.

In Firefox type in the url... about:config and press enter. It'll ask you if you accept the risk of changing stuff... Just say yes. Then search for dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled and click on the arrow looking thing on the right and it'll set it to false. This will disable clipboard events in firefox.

The downside is you won't be able to copy and paste anymore through events BUT you will still be able to right click > copy / paste or use ctrl+c / ctrl + v.

Be safe!
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OG Jappleng
Posted 9 days ago... Menu Button
Oh, I almost forgot to mention that do not under any circumstances ever copy and paste passwords! It's not just websites that can steal that data but also any program that is on your computer. Discord could be stealing that data, you don't know -- Tik-tok steals that data for sure and it's possible that most do. This is why I don't use the discord app but the website instead, discord app is notoriously awful with its privacy protection, why do you think its free?

Anything Google is bad news overall, so make sure that you don't use google chrome, all your data belongs to google if you do use it / have it installed. But at the end of the day, if you are on the internet -- something about you will get uploaded. There's no stopping that (yet) but you can at least minimize your digital DNA/footprint.
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