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bewbie hereee
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katie Began the thread with...
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☰ Posted: 13 days ago

just found this site and decided i wanted to give it a try smile

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Authentic GM
OG Jappleng Said...
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☰ Posted: 10 days ago
Welcome to Jappleng!

This is an ongoing (development) project and is nearing completion so there may be some things that don't work as intended or incomplete features. But believe me when I say this, this project is ambitous! It's unlike any other project available out there.

  • You can learn Japanese, or at least learn what is currently available. The goal is to make a complete course!
  • You can learn about the Japanese culture, more cultural lessonsn will be added as time goes by.
  • You can Create and Join study groups or fan groups such in the clubs section. These are comprehensive in features and more features will come in time.
  • There are many community features such as the Forums, J-Spot Social (Like facebook) and Chat
  • There's a nifty search feature, I still have to complete it but it's nearly done
  • There are practice apps / games including flash cards, vocabulary tracker, games like Kana Pop, Card Match etc...
  • The best friend finder system I have ever seen! If you try it, you'll understand :D
  • There's an exclusive English / Japanese dictionary, the definitions will improve over time but there are over 10,300 entries!
  • A shop where you redeem your hard earned J-Coins for website unlockables (like avatar, forum signature, user emblems, themes, etc...)
  • Daily login rewards and events
  • Sticker collection
  • Next on the list are user achievements, user level perks, and so on... Oh did I mention you gain XP for using the site?

And the list goes on and on and on.... But I'm working on this project on my own so it's time consuming to say the least. Everything is made from scratch but like I said it's almost, ALMOST done. This means the community is lacking, like there's a lot of members but few post because this project has been under development for some time. But I believe if one newsletter is sent as a reminder, the site will grow in popularity overnight!

Whew! That was a long intro, but I wanted to show how appreciated you are here. It's a safe haven for Anime and Japanese interest enthusiasts. Come by, enjoy the site! The more you post, the more others will post with, you'll see. :D
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☰ 5h

How's everyone doing today? It's friday!

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☰ 21h
Gentle/wo/men, I present to you a useless contraption!

The..... Yakisoba maker!  Instead of boiling water and putting it in the container like normal people do, why not spend a lot of time and money on a machine that does the same thing as a frying pan? Take a look:

OG Jappleng says to
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☰ 1d

LOL You actually registered with that name. Perfect.

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☰ 2d

Tomorrow I'll wrap up the reward system and the achievements for certain tasks. It's a lot of complex work but once it's all done the simple tasks can be next like being able to open x-mas boxes, treasure boxes etc...

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☰ 2d

Oh no, I think I broke it. I think threads are no longer threaded. Nuuooooo!

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☰ 2d

Huzzah! It works now smile

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☰ 2d

Please don't mind some of the test posts. I'm just verifying things are working as they should smile

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☰ 2d


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☰ 2d
Hello everyone!! I'm back from the extra-long weekend! MLK was on Monday and so I figured Tuesday would be fun to take off as well. It was...

I'll be working on updates now :D
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