August 4, 2022 - Significant Updates made to Jappleng and New event with daily login rewards coming!
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August 4, 2022 - Significant Updates made to Jappleng and New event with daily login rewards coming!
(This is the thread's starting post)
OG Jappleng
Posted 6 days ago... Menu Button

Jappleng Weekly

August 4, 2022

Significant updates have been applied to the website, and I would gather to say it's so much that I can't really calculate it just yet on how much that applies towards the completion of the project. There will also be a new event and development will begin tomorrow. If it's not available tomorrow, it will be available by Saturday.

Let's Summarize!

There is a brand new editor in town and it functions significantly better than the previous! In fact, it's so robust that you'll wonder how we ever did without! It has been applied to J-Spot, Clubs and the Forums. It will be available in more locations and be the foundation for creating new education articles as well making it much faster to publish lessons!

It is a feature-rich editor which also supports copy and pasting from a word or google document (and translates the code!) as well as importing images directly using drag-and-drop or by pressing the upload image button. There are far too many features to explain in summary. 

Next, we have new element updates throughout the website. This means that the site will function better while looking better! More changes to come.

Bug fixes galore! J-Spot, Forums and Clubs have a lot of bugs fixed – too much to list but let's just say it's a huge step forward!

Let's get down to business! What has changed? Every little changes listed

Major features

  1. Brand new editor for Club wiki (Coming to all places where you can post as soon as it can)
  2. Uploading images from the editor is possible (brand new image upload system)
  3. Image Linked: When uploading an image, a link footnote will be added to the image posted. Anyone who links to it from somewhere else will show it in the linked history (excluding chat)

New Editor

  1. Replaced the old styling editor with a brand new one. It supports a lot of features, here is what you can do.
  2. Clicking anywhere in an editor will show the Block Menu on the left which can be clicked (or tapped) to expand and show inertable options such as media, table, horizontal line etc…
  3. Selecting text will create a bubble popup which provides a lot of different styling options
  4. The new editor supports non-destructive HTML meaning you can copy and paste HTML, even add it manually in it using the HTML tag and it contains everything within.
  5. I developed a new security system which is based on the Construct, Deconstruct and Reconstruct method where users construct and then after submitting the content is deconstructed for analysis and corrections then reconstructed to be sent to the database if everything is valid.
  6. Embedding images, youtube videos etc is possible. Just use the embed media or embed image button. You can also copy and paste the image from another page, however make sure it's an image uploaded in the Jappleng gallery, otherwise there's no garantee it will work.
  7. Improved word and Character count
  8. The new editor doesn't break after posting like the old one used to
  9. Drag and drop into the editor works great, same as moving elements around and appending / prepending content. To append/prepend hover over the element or click on it then there will be little arrows at the top or bottom corner of the element. Click on that and you can add content before or after it.
  10. Typing (tm) (r) etc... will convert it into a symbol
  11. Using the modern markup system like found on Discord works in Jappleng chat but not anywhere else now since the new system is far better. ie: You cannot use **Bold** to bold text, this is great because you can type whatever you like without worrying about changing the style.
  12. Resizing of certain content is possible by clicking/tapping it and if it has box corners like you would expect, it can be resized.
  13. Font coloring, highlighting etc... Is possible using a basic color picker, more choices will be made available at a later time.
  14. Quotes are now fixed, simply select the text you like and click on the quote button
  15. The headings feature is to be used for Titles and such. There are 3 types of headings and Paragraph mode
  16. Keyboard shortcuts work now, so if you press ctrl+b it will bold text etc…
  17. Copying from Microsoft Word and pasting it into the editor will convert all of Word's ugly code and normalize it while maintaining the format. No more copying it into a notepad first!
  18. Paste from Google Docs is also supported
  19. Various font families can be selected including the Jappleng and open dyslexic fonts. You are free to pick and choose whichever font you desire most. The jappleng font is called Open Sans
  20. New special characters button can insert symbols like 🔜 ⇢√ etc…
  21. Pasting a URL currently does not automatically parse like it used to. I'm debating whether it should be done or not because it might be problematic in some circumstances.
  22. Select text and click on convert to URL if you wish to create a URL
  23. Wide selection of colors to choose from and document colors are automatically saved to be picked later in the document for consistency
  24. Added 40 colors to choose from for font color and highlight color
  25. Support for: Youtube, Dailymotion, Spotify, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, GoogleMaps, Flickr, Facebook added
  26. Uploading images directly from the editor is now possible. You can upload as many as you like but remember that it is associated with both the club and you. Upload responsibly.
  27. Images uploaded are converted to webp format
  28. Added conversion system for JPG/JPEG
  29. Added conversion system for PNG and transparent PNG
  30. Added conversion system for gif and animated gif and gif with transparency
  31. Added coversion system for webp (doing this for security)
  32. Adding captions to images is now possible
  33. New alignment feature has been implemented for the editor including left/center/right, inline, resize, margin alignment and Side of image
  34. Heading 1 has been adjusted to look more formal
  35. Image Linked system added
  36. Added editor instancing so that multiple elements can be used for the eitor. ie: J-Spot social has a reply box on each thread, it allows the editor to be used everywhere

Coming later for the editor

  1. Ability to search and embed existing files found around Jappleng (public) or from within your club. For now you can copy and paste the original image and it will figure it out on its own
  2. Ability to include various Jappleng features and items as a dynamic element. ie: Adding a poll, adding a user's mini-profile, adding an item with its description, adding dictionary term, etc...

J-Spot Social Network

  1. Removed Style button from new J-Spot posts and Comments
  2. Added support for the new editor for both new J-Spot posts and comments, give it a try!

Club Jappleng

  1. Wiki drop-down menu has been visually improved and corrected
  2. New editor has been implemented for the wiki
  3. Notice: There is a good chance that most old wiki content needs to be updated to the new format as JapplengBB code is no longer supported
  4. Visual adjustments made to some of the wiki core pages
  5. Wiki editor page has been updated with a better visual style
  6. Resolved issue where clicking cancel on wiki entry edit wouldn't work
  7. Wiki edit history has an improved format
  8. Added the new editor to new thread creation
  9. New thread creation now has a 1 second delay instead of 3
  10. Replying to threads now supports the new editor
  11. Both creating a new thread and replying supports up to 60,000 characters instead of the 10,000 that it used to be
  12. Resolved display issue when replying to threads
  13. Resolved issue where replying to threads was not possible due to the button being linked to creating new threads
  14. Improved design elements around the forums
  15. Significant changes made to many elements and more to come!
  16. Resolved issue where club url wasn't being fetched correctly for certain elements
  17. Resolved issue where edit menu items could not be accessed
  18. Resolved issue where create a new wiki entry could not be accessed


  1. If a post was deleted, it no longer appears on the site. This includes any section and modules.
  2. If a post was deleted, it can no longer be viewed except for GMs / moderators
  3. Added the new editor to new thread creation
  4. New thread creation now has a 1 second delay instead of 3
  5. Replying to threads now supports the new editor
  6. Both creating a new thread and replying supports up to 60,000 characters instead of the 10,000 that it used to be
  7. Resolved display issue when replying to threads
  8. Resolved issue where replying to a thread would not always appear correctly
  9. New thread, Reply to thread and Moderate buttons have been updated in style
  10. Significant changes to various elements and more to come!


  1. New leveling system developed, not yet implemented but coming very soon. XP chart already available on the Jappleng Dev wiki


  1. Resolved issue where transparent or semi-transparent png images did not upload correctly
  2. Issue where clicking on Reply / new thread would not make the text disappear after the new editor was uploaded

Known issues

Issue adding stickers to posts
Issue adding Kaomoji to posts
Posting images from the editor does not update the thumbnail on the album with the most recent image



It's hard to describe just how much of a game changer this update has been but it was a week in the making. Please let me know if you find any bugs with these updates. Once again, Jappleng doesn't play very nice with mobile devices and while there will be various fixes, the best fix will be the mobile app that will come later this year.


Demo of images functioning in the forums:

Click to expand
Posted 5 days ago... Menu Button

Wow! You were very busy!!! It looks great and I really like the new editor!! 

Posted 4 days ago... Menu Button


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