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May 17 2022 - Jappleng development continues!
(This is the thread's starting post)
OG Jappleng
Posted 48 days ago... Menu Button
A lot has happened in the past few months that has kept me away from working on the site and if you have followed my J-Spot posts, you may be familiar with what has been going on. If not, that's no problem because Jappleng resumes development!

I'd like to mention that I cannot dedicate 8hrs+ / day on this project like I used to because of various reasons.
  1. I have other work which should take up that time
  2. Homesteading is time consuming. I have a lot of work that needs to be done and it's a lot of physical labor. Even after 2 months I'm still not done, but I'm just about done construction related work until Fall since it's getting too hot.
  3. I need time for myself to relax. All work and no play is never good.

How many things are still needed to be completed before Jappleng can be considered done?
153 151 items (2 items were done today already)

How long will it take to complete?
If each feature takes approximately 2hours on average, it will take roughly 300 hours to complete.

How long from now will that be?
Due to my busy lifestyle, it can take anywhere between 2 - 4 months

Will there be updates until then?
Yes, my list is organized by priority and they will release as they are completed. There will be a notice in these forums when that happens.

Is Jappleng in a healthy useable state?
Kinda, after the previous updates, Jappleng became a bit less useable due to how notifications were temporarily removed and how it's very difficult to style posts. In a sense it's better but in another it's a step backwards. Such issues are top priority.

Will JPLearn! and other courses be completed?
Yes. Eventually. Right now it's not top priority because the foundation (the website itself) needs to be done first. There are also new features I want to add such as embedded quizzes / dynamic grading / digital homework assignments and answer sheets. I also have several lessons completed already in the new JPLearn! course which is a huge revision.

Can anyone help with the development of Jappleng?
I'm willing to accept some help, but keep in mind that Jappleng is a free-to-use project meaning it has no revenue. No revenue = no pay.  This is a voluntary project so if you want to provide some help such as programming, music, artwork etc... It's entirely voluntary which is why I expect nobody to help. I've been volunteering for Jappleng for a long time and it's a great feeling smile

How can anyone help make Jappleng bigger?
Tell everyone you know and mention that it's under development and it's going to be so great! It's the only project like it so it does have great appeal in that sense. If you're a Youtuber or streamer, a shoutout would be nice too. Anything to get the word out would be much appreciated! The more people who join, the more active this site will be (hopefully).

Can I donate monies to help with server costs etc?
I don't have anything like that setup, so no. But if you really want I could always setup a patreon or something. This is a free to use project so I don't expect donations, thus I have nothing setup. I do eventually plan to give out rewards for donations however so patreon doesn't sound like a bad idea. It does cost me about $120 - $150 / mo. (IDK anymore but it's in that range) If you want to help, save your monies until then because I want to make sure I deliver something epic before asking for financial support.

There may be a lot to do for the site but if you have seen my dedication over the years (and yes I mean years) I don't give up and don't plan on giving up this project. It's been difficult and at times I had to take a break because it's just overwhelming. I'd put more time into Jappleng on a daily basis IF I could have more hours in a day. If anyone knows how I can manage with just 3 hours of sleep, let me know because I'd be all for it LOL

I hope that you are all excited for this! Jappleng is so many things in one place :D

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