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Jappleng University is the best place to learn Japanese online for free
Starting your new learning adventure at Jappleng University!
Welcome to JPLearn! - Where to begin?
Learning a new language and discovering a whole new culture is not easy. In fact it can take many books, websites, and more resources than first imagined but our goal here at Jappleng University is to provide a free-to-use service that consolidates what one would expect from many books, websites, and other services all in one place. Unlike our competitors, we do not spend millions of dollars and most of our time away from our services, rather we spend our time on excellent lessons and editorials and our community.

Since Jappleng University is fairly extensive with its services, it may be confusing on where to begin. In this guide, we’ll be teaching you how to learn Japanese using our online education services. Here are some questions for you to answer.

What is your level in Japanese?
If you are new to the Japanese language or only have a basic understanding of the language, it would be advisable to use our JPLearn! course as it is intended to teach Japanese from start to finish. We add new lessons frequently and almost every lesson comes packaged with homework assignments, and printable materials.

If you wish to study without our JPLearn! Course, it is entirely possible using the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced sections of the education page. Lessons are categories in those three sections. Printable materials may be downloaded from the right menu for any topic. Please note that some downloads may require a free membership.
Why do I need a free Jappleng University membership?

With a free Jappleng University membership, your progress is tracked, graded, and recommendations are made depending on your strengths and weaknesses. Having a membership also gives users the ability to enroll into membership-only lessons such as the JPLearn! course, participate in community activities such as the community forums, club Jappleng, and more.
How do I create a new account?

Step 1: Click on the register link on the top-right menu. (Click here for shortcut as a new tab)

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Step 2: Agree to our terms of service (Please read these terms)

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Step 3: You will need to let us know what alias you would like to use around Jappleng, your e-mail address (We won’t spam you as mentioned in the Terms of Service), and password. Don’t forget to complete the CAPTCHA so we know you’re human.

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Step 4: Log into your account! – You’re done!

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How do I enter JPLearn!?
Congratulations on registering a new account with us! Now we’re ready to study Japanese! JPLearn can be accessed from the Education section. Click on the Learn Japanese menu tab to see the following:

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Next, you may access JPLearn using 4 different methods.
Method #1: The promotional tab
Method #2: The navigation tab
Method #3: If there are new lessons that state JPLearn!
Method #4: Right menu

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How do I use JPLearn!?
JPLearn! is fairy straight forward, once you are logged into your dashboard, you will see many modules. Here is a visual explanation of each.

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A) If you have homework due, you will be notified here.
B) This is a list of available lessons. We are always eager to add more!
C) If you would like to save lessons to be followed later, clicking "Save for Later" will send the lesson to the Queued Articles bin.
D) This progress module shows how many lessons you've completed within a few weeks.

As a new student, you will be presented with minimal information but just enough to get started. Let’s pick a lesson to study by clicking on the lesson title. This is the lesson article page:

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When you are done reading the lesson, you should look at the resources available at the bottom of the page:

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If there’s anything helpful, you may study from them or print them at any time. Please be sure to read the entire lesson before studying each portion of them individually.

Getting your homework
Most lessons will contain homework, at least for JPLearn! You will be notified at the bottom of the page where the resources are found whether or not there’s homework. Be sure to collect your homework at the end of the lesson and you will be prompted to view it now or later. If you choose to view it later it will appear in your homework which can be found in your Dashboard or in your dedicated homework page found in the right menu.

Completing your homework
We have just released Jappleng University and because of this we are short on some features. For the time being since it’s more important to have content than features, homework are completed either by looking at the screen or printing the material. We plan to soon have trackable homework features for each homework assignment to give grades. When you are done with the homework assignment, scroll down until you see the following:

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Then click on that link to complete your homework assignment. Should you ever wish to return to your homework assignment, you may do so using the homework link in the right menu or from the dashboard.

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Tracking your Progress
Knowing how well you are doing in your studies is pretty motivating in itself but it’s also important to know how well you’re doing with certain parts of Japanese. To access the progress page, click on “View Full Progress” from the Dashboard or click on the Progress button in the top navigator.

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These circles are a visual depiction on how well you’re doing. The light-gray circle represents what you do not know and the blue circle denotes what you do know. Each circle as a category and percentage, please note that the percentages are rounded down and not up. The last circle (red and dark gray) is your total progress.

Beneath these circles, each lesson is displayed with corresponding pass, percentage, and homework completion within their own respected category.

Upcoming Features to look out for
#1) Achievements
Do you like being rewarded when you complete something? So do we! In fact, we really love achievements and because of this, the achievement feature will soon be implemented. Study for 3-days straight, or complete 10 lessons… Reach certain goals and gain achievements which may be redeemed for other things such as special titles for others to see, rank competition, and more!

#2) Quizzes and Tests
We’re working hard on finding a balance between adding new lessons and improvements around the website, and since this is a not-for-profit project, we can’t build Tokyo in a day. Quizzes and Tests will be available for members and maybe at times for non-members. These tests will also work with what you know and don’t know; therefore if you’re terrible with adjectives but you’re amazing with nouns, we’ll have recommended lessons to help you with those adjectives.

#3 Improved Progress Reports
Alongside with the Quizzes and Tests, we’ll also be improving the progress reports by giving specific details and graphs particular to what you do know and don’t know. Because this will take until Fall to establish these features, we won’t be spoiling the surprise just yet.

#4) Finding study partners
Club Jappleng to us will be big, because it will enable anyone to create study groups for their needs. These groups could also be created by those with similar knowledge of the Japanese language. We do respect your privacy and to eventually take advantage of the friend finder / study partner, you will have to give us permission to find others similar to your profile.

#5) For teachers only
We are working hard at developing JPLearn! as fast as we can, and because of this we want to give teachers the opportunity to help us and give us feedback, and even have Jappleng as a part of their curriculum. Teachers will have the opertunity to track their student’s progress very soon. However we will need to complete JPLearn! lessons(First semester) and implement the finalized homework system. Please look forward to these features and if you are a teacher and want to learn more, please let us know by contacting teachers@ (please replace with

Your progress is private! This means that you should not worry about others finding out your grades, it is kept entirely private. This is assuming if you’re not registered for a high-school or college class where your teacher can see your grades.

Enjoy JPLearn!
Whew! What an explanation! Jappleng University certainly is big and this is only one of many sections to learn from. Please take time to visit each section and learn what they can do for you. If you have any question, we’ll be happy to help you and please remember that the community is your friend! We’re heavily community focused and we love how we can all help each other. Most importantly, enjoy the studies and please don’t burn yourself out over the lessons. Some lessons may take more than a few days to complete, this is normal. Do not expect to master Japanese in a month or a year, it takes time and practice but most importantly, try to study a little bit every day or two but never less than that. Those that study irregularly tend to stop studying altogether. Be strong and good luck! We’ll be here if you need us!
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