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Animal Sounds in Japanese Onomatopoeia
Animal Sounds in Japanese Onomatopoeia
Animal Sounds in Japanese Onomatopoeia
In every language and culture, animals make different sounds. Of course, it’s not that the animal has learned a different language or dialect but rather the onomatopoeia of animal sounds become different.

What’s Onomatopoeia? It’s basically a word that describes a sound like *meow* in English is traditionally the sound a cat makes but in Japanese, they go nyan~ or Nyaa nyaa~.

The Japanese language has various kinds of onomatopoeia (オノマトペ). For sounds, it’s called Giongo (擬音語).

The list below contains the onomatopoeia of the most popular animal sounds. If you would like to request a more comprehensive list to be made sooner than later, then please be sure to voice your opinion in our forums.

Animal (English)Animal (Romaji)Animal (Japanese)Sound
BeeHachiBu—n bu—n (ブーンブーン)
BirdToriPichu Pichu (ピチュピチュ)
CatNekoNyaa nyaa (ニャーニャー)
CowUshiMoo moo (モーモー)
CrowKarasuからすkaa kaa (カーカー)
DogInuWan wan (ワンワン)
FoxKitsuneKenken (けんけん)
FrogKaeruカエルKerokero (ケロケロ)
HorseUmaHihiin (ヒヒーン)
MouseNezumiねずみChuu chuu (チューチュー)
OwlFukurouフクロウHo—ho--- (ホーホー)
PigButaBuu buu (ブーブー)
RoosterNiwatoriKokekokko (コケコッコー)
SheepHitsujiMee mee (メーメー)
WoodpeckerKitsutsukiキツツキKakakakaka (かかかかか)
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