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Koi pond development has begun! - Progress and pictures as I get them
OG JapplengNinja
Posted 52 days ago... Menu Button
Yee, so it's time to build this pond! What have I decided on? Oh-- I decided on hand-digging the pond and to keep it as an actual natural pond! I may not need to use liners either because the soil other than the first 1/2 inch is clay where I'm building it. I can also get away without needing any fence.

The size isn't measured, I kinda just dug the parameter however big I felt it should be. Once it's complete I can tell you the size and approximate water volume of it.

Final objective:
The pond will be entirely natural and hand-dug. It will use natural resources other than the pump which will be connected to the house. Clay will be tampered to prevent water leakage. At worse, liners will be used for water retention or cement depending on which costs more. Preferably, clay. A chemical will be used to remove the murkyness to the water after several days and a overflow system will be installed. A sensor will eventually be installed to inform me if the water drops too low. I don't want to add a system that auto-fills the pond. It should be able to turn into a zen garden pond in the end with a "S" shape or keep it as square. Use county loopholes to avoid having to spend extra on unneeded things like fences and permits.

Avoiding Permits / Legal stuff:
Locally I don't need a permit for most things because I have an unrestricted property and our county is very lax with its laws. I'm not part of HoA and I'm not in the city and have a fairly big yard and everything is hidden away from public for the most part. Not that it matters in the eyes of the law but it just means that county officials look the other way most of the time (depending on what you're doing). Legally, I have no requirements thankfully because this pond is specifically design with the intent of hosting fish. As long as that is the case, I do not need a permit or child protective fence. Mind you, no child would ever come here but I'm legally good. Permit isn't necessary either because ponds do not require it, but pools do. The legal definition between the two are pretty clear. If I were to live in a subdivision, especially one part of home owner's association then that would be different. Thankfully, I think ahead and will never agree to be a part of the HoA cult. (freedooooom!)

Steps to create the pond:
1. Create the approximate size of the pond in a big square using sticks.
2. Cut around the parameter of these sticks to indicate where the borders should be using the pickaxe.
3. Dig the first layer and place it around the edges.
4. Dig deeper on one side and gradually dig the rest of the pond to that level and repeat the process several times.
5. Tamper the entire pond as much as possible
6. Begin placing the dug clay back into the pond and tamper it so that the pond goes in like _____/
7. Test pond water retention by filling the pond by a few inches and wait a few hours. Measure how much water you started with and ended with. If it didn't lower, then it works so far. Then keep adding water. Otherwise, wait until water drains completely and figure out plan B. If it works, fill up the pond entirely! :D
8. Wait a week or two to see how the water behaved, if it works fine, then place in the chemicals to remove the murkiness. Don't worry, this chemical is safe for fish. I forgot what it's called but I'll explaian later.
9. Once the water is no longer murky, decorate around the pond and then install the filtration system, let it run for a few days.
10. Install aquatic plants
11. Install rock boulders and bamboo if I can find any for cheap (this will be a gradual process) but Japanese-style gravel will be a necessity eventually.
12. Test water conditions, if it's good -- put in koi!

We'll see if this all goes according to plan. I will be taking pictures on my progress. The follow-up post will be about my first dig experience. Let's just say my body is a wreck with just 3 hours of digging lol!
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OG JapplengNinja
Posted 38 days ago... Menu Button
Day 1:
It took about 2 hours to dig this. It doesn't seem like much but I imagine it's about 8ft in length. It'll be more of a square at the end of this. I plan to reach about 4ft in depth, maybe deeper. Clay as one would expect is difficult to dig through! I'm so happy I have a pickaxe, otherwise this would have taken 3 days lol!
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OG JapplengNinja
Posted 38 days ago... Menu Button
Day 2:
A few days later I went back (maybe a week later?) since it was raining most of the time. The clay was really heavy because it was wet but I dug it deeper. I wanted to go as deep as I felt the pond would be and test if it could retain water but decided aginst this since it was too hard to dig down from the upper ledge thing. See, it's actually pretty deep, the camera is deceiving. I took a picture with a shovel to scale but for some reason it didn't save.

I already have day 3 completed but forgot to take a picture. I'll go take a picture later and upload it.
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