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Jappleng mobile App announced!
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Authentic GM
OG Jappleng Began the thread with...
☰ Posted: 51 days ago
The Jappleng mobile app is under development and you will be able to learn on-the-go!

Web technologies are very limited and difficult to work with and I always hated working on websites to boot. When COVID started with lockdowns and stuff, I decided that my career as a web developer should adapt as a game developer instead. I dislike working on websites but I love working on games. For 6 months I studied game development with the unreal game engine and have become proficient at it.

Needless to say, the Jappleng mobile app is easy to build in contrast to the website. It takes a fraction of the time to build practice apps (like Kana Pop, Card Match etc...) and educational features. As such, the sky is the limit with what can be used to help teach Japanese and I will certainly make use of this.

The mobile app is currently under private testing and will be tested by public participants next week. A full release is expected to arrive around the end of October, although Apple, Unreal, and Google all have to approve the app prior to publication. Give or take a week afterwards to be seen on the Apple / Play store.

I hope you are all very excited! I'll be able to focus my time towards making many new lessons rather than focusing on website things in the near future since both the website and app will have launched. :D
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X-Mas Snowball 2018
wanwanwan Said...
☰ Posted: 30 days ago

That sounds exciting! Can't wait!

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