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What is Mature Content?

This is a very good question and it would be difficult to explain in one simple rule or explanation due to the significant difference between Japanese and Western cultures. Let's try to explain this.

Swearing isn't really that big of a deal in Japan but explicit swearing can be. Of course, since we are a global service, we must maintain an understanding on what some may consider offensive. Our maturity filter has a setting specifically set for swearing, this can be toggled but essentially it will attempt to censor words that are generally considered taboo in English.

This filter does not presently censor anything other than those words and cannot differentiate between the word shitake mushroom with well, you guessed it. That is why if the word is on its own, it will filter it, otherwise it will not. We are working on a more advanced filtering system that uses A.I. but for the time being, do not attempt to circumvent this filter on purpose.

Provocative vs Common Sense
In society we are taught that bikinis are okay but underwear is not, yet they practically look the same and serve the same purpose. It's all about context. An anime character may or may not need maturity toggled if they are in a bikini, but again it's all about context. Please use common sense and think about "what is allowed on cable TV?".

Lewd Maturity vs Nudity
Now we're diving deeper into dangerous territory and quite honestly there is no gray area here. We cannot moderate everything posted and the few volunteer moderators try their hardest! Simply put, if you post nudity there absolutely has to be a mature tag.

Classical Art
Tag those under #classicalArt and tag as mature. While we genuinely don't see an issue with the human body in the form of art, some may find it offensive. Think of them and we'll all be happy you did!

General Consensus
We are not a lewd site and we do not want to become such a place. We love to be able to share things we adore just like anybody else but if the content is mostly mature then we will have to change our content policy to be more strict on the matter. Set your settings appropriately and tag as necessary.

How to Tag as Mature Content
When posting something new, you will be prompted if the image or content contains mature content, you may check this as necessary. Swears are filtered automatically.
📝 This item was last updated on July 11, '18 6:45:06pm by Mark
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