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RP and eRP Rules

There has been some questions regarding our stance on RP and eRP and our stance on these are very clear but we do have separate rules for each.

What is RP?
RP is short for Role-Play, many people within the community tend to take a character that they like and Role-Play as that character. This is similar to what people do at Anime conventions. This is mostly harmless and we encourage people to do so if it’s something they enjoy.

What is eRP?
eRP is a bit different, this stands for erotic role-playing and is entirely different than standard Role-Playing. This is where things get tricky. Our official stance is that we don’t condone this and we do not permit people to ask others to eRP on any of our services. Meaning we don’t want people to randomly ask others to eRP. If this happens, it is a punishable offense and may lead to account suspension and even termination.

We also cannot moderate what happens in Direct Messages and in Chat other than the messages that are reported, that means we cannot do anything if people do decide to eRP in a mutual manner. As stated, we can and will ban people for harassing others so eRP at your own risk.

What if Someone is Harassing you in RP?
RP should be fun and enjoyable for those who want it. For those whom are harassed in the process of RP there are a few things you can do.
  1.    Do not give consent
  2.    Tell them no and that you do not do that
  3.    If they are still being a problem, you can report them from the location that you’re being bothered (ie: is it a DM? Reply? Etc…) There’s a menu for that on almost everything. Ask a moderator (GM) if you are having issues finding this.
  4.    Block the user, you won’t see their content anymore

If they bother you beyond this such as cyber stalking, contact a GM and we can take a look deeper into it. What may have to happen at this point is to have your username and alias changed along with your student ID etc… This hasn’t happened before but there are contingency plans for events like these. Additionally, as a warning that cyber-stalking is illegal, and we will work with authorities if need be.
📝 This item was last updated on July 11, '18 6:49:03pm by OG Jappleng
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