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Jappleng Updates - Forums

What is this page?
This page illustrates what is left to do in the "Forums". Please keep in mind that the Club forums and Main Forums are two separate entities. If there are no issues in the Main Forums but some issues appear in the Clubs Forums, it means the club forums were not patched and need to be addressed. Please let me know when this happens.

Note: There's an issue with the Jappleng wiki making it very difficult to create tables. This page will be edited once these issues are corrected.

The List - Last Updated 11/18/2020
Further information
Nothing else here chief!
Feature Status Last Update Date
Moderation Tools Button Not Started
Post Edit Not Started
Post Delete Not Started
Reply Data gets pushed to post Partially Implemented
New post icon & Thread color Incomplete
New thread tool bar follows user on scroll Not Started
View Card button on Reply Incomplete
Yokai Pet Avatar under User avatar Not Started
Image Embed with caption Broken
Change tab button to Quote button Not Started
Fix Thread buttons from scrolling with page Not Started
Subscribe to thread Partially Implemented
My Club Sub list Not Started
Who's Online Module Not Started
Forum Stats Module Not Started
Active Posts should be within the past 2 months Not Started
Add Ability to Report Post Not Started
Add ability to pin (track) threads to forum Not Started
Add ability to unsubscribe to a thread Not Started
Add NSFW feature to Forum categories Not Started
📝 This item was last updated on November 18, '20 5:05:28pm by OG Jappleng
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