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Deceber  13 - Massive Update uploaded! Here's what's new
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Authentic GM
OG Jappleng Began the thread with...
☰ Posted: 292 days ago
2 weeks ago I started work on a massive new update and to be honest it wasn't the easiest thing because Adding mobile support for the new stuff was time consuming. But after plenty of designs, drafts, and development, I got it up!

New Event:

  • Jappleng X-Mas 2019: The time has come to participate in this year's X-Mas event! Make sure you go to unlockables/Market and use your hard earned J-Coins to unlock event-only items including Holiday stickers, Emblems, Discounts, and more!

December 13: X-Mas 2019 Event has begun, last event's items are made available, discounts on select items
December 16: New items will be made available; Zuryan Xmas Sticker, X-mas 2019 ID Cover
December 18: Daily Login bonus arrives with X-Mas bonuses!

New Apps:
  • KuNo: It's basically Sudoku and it will soon feature leaderboards and the ability to complete the puzzle. I also would like to replace the numbers with Japanese numbers to make it more interesting.

  • Flashcards: The premiliary basis of Flashcards are ready however the app itself is not. The page has been added as a placeholder.

New Sections / Changes:
  • Pages linked to /flashcards now go to the correct url, the old page was removed since I want to keep the url normalized with other apps.

  • The Return of the Main Forums: The main forums are returning December 16. Unfortunately there is a lot of work. It uses the same system as the club forums but due to how it works there's a lot of work to make it work again.

  • Achievements Page: There are over 100 achievements slated to release, and I have already added most of them in the database. Some achievements can be obtained but there's no notifiaction yet. The notification system is partially complete, I just need to have a trigger to show it on-screen.

  • Find Users with RP Tag: This is a new option available in the new menu system

  • My Dorm: Not yet ready, but this will be a new feature released along with the Pet system, another feature coming next year.

  • Leaderboards: Not quite ready yet but the backend is complete. Should be ready by Tuesday Dec 17.

  • Site Features: A new menu entry which lets users learn more about the website. These pages will be forum threads and as a result will only be ready on December 16.
  • Getting Started: This will also be a forum post and as a result it will be ready on December 16

New Features:

  • Try something Ramdom: This feature is prepared but not yet available. I hope to have it ready sometime next week. It will let users explore a random lesson / article / thing.

  • RP Chat: This link opens the chat in the public RP channel.

  • Make Pen-Pals: By default this links directly to the pen-pal search of the friend finder in English seeking Japanese. If Japanese this will do the inverse (eventually).

  • Daily Login Bonus: The premiliary of this system is complete, I just need to complete it. It should be ready sometime next week.

The New Menu System:

The old menu looked nice but it wasn't very practical. The new one was designed from the ground-up to support Mobile, Tablet, PC and up to any resolution (even 8k!). This menu system was so intense that it took 5 days to build!

You can either hover over or click a menu item to expand and see a sub-menu. If you do this to the avatar, a whole different menu comes up for yourself. This also includes your Level and XP bar.

Pet Raising App:

The pet raising app premiliary system has been added to the site. The databse has been setup for it, you will also see some of it in the Marketplace. This pet raising system has many uses included learning Japanese. There is no release date for this as it's a work-in-progress but I would like to see it in beta around February 2020.

New Chat System:

I have reworked the chat system so that it looks better and functions cleanly on mobile devices. It should in theory work, but do let me know if you experience weird problems.

New Design
  • Improved Mobile / Tablet support
  • Resolved issues tabbing between sections (DM / Clubs / Lobby / Closed)

New Lessons:

The following Lessons have been written and will be published in a few days:
  1. Jappleng Mini-Lessons: Colors in Japanese
  2. Jappleng Mini-Lessons: Common household items in Japanese
  3. Jappleng Mini-Lessons: How to say different types of food in Japanese Part 1
  4. Jappleng Mini-Lessons: Saying different animals in Japanese Part 1
  5. The Art of Studying: How to learn Japanese in 6 Months

Visual Changes:

  • Due to the changes to the menu, the user interface may appear a bit strange such as how in the clubs section, it appears to have far too many images and feels cluttered. I will tackle these UI issues as time goes by but for now I have adapted the following changes:
  • The sectional menu (the one that appears under the header image is no longer slanted and is designed slightly differently

  • Some sectional menu items have been removed depending on the page
  • The 404 image has been changed to a flat green / white image.

New Help:

I would like to take this opportunity to say that I have reached out to someone who may be able to write many new lessons for Jappleng, beginner and advanced. An recruitment announcement will be made in the near-future.


Various bugs have been resolved throughout the website. Next week Jappleng will be complete and ready to launch for full public consumption.

Thank you for reading and see you all Monday!
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