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Major site changes and update coming on Friday December 6
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Authentic GM
OG Jappleng Began the thread with...
☰ Posted: 301 days ago
A massive update is coming on Friday completing changing Jappleng in many ways.

Version 1.6 PREVIEW

1. Better User interface, better User experience
From the main menu to the general use of the website, a lot of changes are coming and they are BIG!

2. New features, new sections
New features and sections will be added / completed.

3. Improved mobile support
Just like #1, added mobile support will be made available

4. The return of the main forums!
The main forums will help act as a gateway to the site. I noticed that getting involved in clubs and other website activities is a bit overwhelming for new members so the main forums will be a great way to introduce this.

5. No more site search (for now)
The site search that is currently as I'm writing this, found at the top of the site doesn't yield many results. This is because it only finds JSpot posts with tags linked to them. This is a incomplete feature and I will just redo it entirely using keywords found throughout the site, not just j-spot. This will be a returning feature in 2020.

6. Notification bell will be removed
The notification bell will be removed since this feature will be part of the improved imChat coming next week.

7. X-Mas 2019 Event will be up and ready!
You heard that right, so gather your J-Coins and get ready to spend on limited time items! You can earn coins by participating aroundt he site.

8. Preparations for Achievements will have been made
Achievements system will be ready, but not active. Next week this feature will be implemented.

9. New Sticker will be added for X-Mas 2019!
Perfect for the collection smile

10. New App: Kuno
The Kuno beta app will be made available on Friday. It's a Japanese numbers game that I made based off of the popular game... Well, you'll see.

11. New Discovery Mode
This mode will be available from the new menu system. This will allow users to discover new things! There's even a random page feature in the works, unsure if it will be ready by friday though.

12. New App: Flash Cards
Yep, the flash cards is in the works and will be available on Friday! This is a primitive version and a more extensive version will be made available next week.

13. New Leaderboards Page
See the grand standings between users of the site! Rank yourself even!

14. First Stage of Pet System will be complete
The first stage of the Pet system is already complete as I'm writing this but it will be released as part of the update. It won't be anything that you will be able to use but the overall framework will be ready.

What new features are to be expected after Friday?

Next Week Version 1.61 - 1.62:
- New Chat system including page embedded edition
- Enhanced Mobile Support
- Achievements System will be complete
- Ehnahcements for the Jappleng Dictionary
- Bug fixes on the improvements already made
- New Lessons will now be added
- Newsletter system completion
- Proper tagging of site elements such as if you were to share a page with your friends, the correct image, title, description and tags will show where appropriate
- Minor exploit fixes which isn't a big deal but it needs to be resolved
- Tutorial Mode will be complete and those who complete it will get various rewards
- Daily Login bonuses will now go live!
- Friday's Release / Newsletter

I hope that you are all excited for these updates!
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Authentic GM
OG Jappleng Said...
☰ Posted: 299 days ago
I wasn't able to complete the update yesterday because I didn't get the time on Thursday to work on the site. I will continue the updates on Monday.

I did want to point out that many of the new features are complete but I can't release them as-is because they rely on the completion of other things. For example the new menu system relies on the new section and features that aren't complete yet. My apologies :X  You can reach out to me on our Discord if you like or post here. Thank you for your time!

PS. Jappleng is a hobby project of mine and I'm currently working on it alone. I am looking for others to help right now to prevent this kind of outcome in the future.
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