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Friday Nov 1 - Vocabulary Tracker / Huge Education Project
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OG Jappleng Began the thread with...
☰ Posted: 552 days ago
There's a big project underway and it's a lot bigger than what you may think for just a vocabulary tracker. Actually, there's a lot to it. Take a look at the list of education features relating the vocabulary tracker

1. Jappleng Dictionary
The Jappleng dictionary will let you browse / search through words we have made available. Of course, not all words will be available but the "standard" words will all be there, so roughly about 3000 words.

2. Vocabulary Tracker
The vocabulary tracker will let you keep track what you know and don't know, review words which you haven't touched in forever and even work on words you are struggling with. There will also be a worldwide database on what words are considered the easiest and hardest to learn.

3. Import Vocabulary
  • There will be various ways to import vocabulary.
  • First method is to find a dictionary word and add it.
  • Second method will be to import by Grade (for example, grade 1 elementary school, grade 2, etc...)
  • Third method will be to import by type, so for example you could import Kanji radicals or other topics
  • Fourth method will be to import from a course. There will be a button to import all words to your vocabulary tracker in different spots to make it very convenient.
  • The fifth and last method will be to upload your own using Excel / CVS. I just completed this successfully and am pleased to say that it works great.

4. Add custom flash cards / vocabulary
There is no need to rely on existing content, you can write your own custom flash cards. This is great especially for certain grammar or sentences you want to remember.

5. Your Stats
You will be able to see your own stats with a lot of nifty data to help you better understand where you are at. For example, you could set a goal to learn the JLPT N5 vocabulary and see how well you are fairing including how many words you are learning per day since you started.

6. Flash Card App
You will be able to practice online or wherever you are using the Flash Card study app. There won't be a dedicated app for iPhone or Android YET but this is something that will come once the web app is polished from bugs. The flash card app will also have leaderboards if you want to compete (optional).

7. Achievements
You will be able to earn achievements / j-coins, although this is not something that will be obtainable right away. Expect this to be a feature that will happen at least a month from now.

8. Notifications / Reminders
There will be a notification / reminder system put in place. You will have control on the frequency of these reminders and how you are reminded. This feature will not be available right away but it is planned for both web and mobile apps.

9. Baburu Kana
This system has been planned since 2005 and I'll get to it, I swear! Basically, words that are found on the site that are in the Jappleng Dictionary will eventually be clickable to reveal a bubble with details of the word. The exact workings of it is unknown since I need to figure out how to do this without it being so database intensive.

10. Instant Word Queue
Find a word you want to add to your vocabulary? Don't want to go through the hassle of changing pages? The word queue feature will be added to all pages and will make it so you can easily add words. It will look up the word in the jappleng dictionary and if it is there, it will auto-populate the fields. Otherwise, you will be given the chance to add information to the other side of the card.

I hope you all had a great Halloween! The education section is a big priority now and while I could have simply added a means to add custom flash cards and be tested on them, I thought about going all the way and making it a very useful and convenient learning project that wouldn't be limited to just Japanese. You can use it for whatever you like, really!

The release date is unknown, today I completed the design and R&D for importing Excel / CVS files as well as generating a list to upload. If you would like to help with the dictionary, please let me know in Discord, there are so many entries to populate. Enjoy your weekend everyone!
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