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Tuesday September 24, 2019 - Massive changes to the site
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Authentic GM
OG Jappleng Began the thread with...
☰ Posted: 371 days ago
I feel particuarly proud of today's updates because it pushed Jappleng towards the more polished site I have envisioned. I'm really happy with the results and love the direction these changes are going in. A lot of bug fixes, new features, and most of all.. A lot of visual changes. Here it comes!

  • Updated usernames underneath avatar so that it appears cleaner and is easier to read
  • Green button found on many pages has sizing issue resolved and a slight style change has been made
  • Resolved issues relating to the Zoom in and zoom out function in image editors

  • Revised and improved the "My Club Subs" page
  • Revised and improved the Top Clubs Page
  • Category view has been vastly improved
  • Resolved issue where club mini-banners did not appear correctly in the settings page
  • Club Jappleng banner now rotates randomly between 3 different kinds and each of them are new
  • Added the album module to clubs with albums enabled
  • Resolved issue where Jappleng moderators and admins could not see club settings under the club menu
  • New forum posts and replies now show up in the activity log
  • New forum posts and replies now update the club to the main page
  • Category names now appear much better with the improved design
  • Resolved issue where club category images weren't clickable
  • Added subscribed status on latest clubs with activity
  • Colors have been adjusted for the "Subscribed" and "Admin" colors for clubs
  • Events page has been added to the main club section, letting everyone know about all the club events
  • Hovering over a category now highlights the category
  • Removed duplicate menu entries for "View other clubs" found on both club home and clubs view
  • Added New Club (Main Pages) Menu Icons
  • Added New Club (actual club) Menu Icons
  • Added a new Home icon that can be clicked next to the club's name in the header
  • Added rotation to random club banners while set to default (3 possible choice)
  • Resolved issue where insert HTML caused stranged errors for new club announcements

  • The christmas event has been removed due to well, reasons.

[J-Spot Social]
  • Resolved display issues relating to the clubs the user is participating in and replaced it with the new design
  • Club participation string has been changed to "You are.." if it is your j-spot
  • Added Icons to most of the menu items on J-Spot

[Imageboards / Galleries]
  • Resolved captioning issues on thumbnail display
  • Added Views and Likes count with icons to thumbnails
  • Album covers can now be clicked to view album category
  • Return to album selection button has been visually improved

That was a lot of changes today! Please come back tomorrow for more updates and please tell your friends to sign-up! :D
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