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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Fanclub
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Club Wiki
This is the Kobayashi Dragon Maid Fanclub!

This is a fanclub, but every club member can post here!

1. You may edit / create new wiki entries. Please state why you made your changes EVERY TIME
2. Use citations whenever possible!
3. Do not make entries or edits just to backup your opinions, THEY MUST BE FACTS!
4. Do not alter the rules, do not pretend to be a club moderator
5. Ravioli, ravioli do not lewd the loli!
6. Do not link off-site unless it is for citation!
7. Keep the language clean!

PLEASE use clean formatting! Apparently it's possible to use styling HTML and not just what's available here (I asked Mark) and you can use tables, and other things to make the design however we want. He said not to destroy the style of the site but it's up to us how we want to format the page. He said "keep in mind there will be club themes in the future so use colors with caution".

I asked when the comments and forums are coming, he said in a few days. For now, you can edit the wiki at the bottom of the pages for discussions, I will edit them out later.
📝 This item was last updated on June 12, '17 4:14:45pm by DragonSenpai
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