Our Mission for Better Education
We continuously strive to work towards improving our services to help students learn Japanese and teachers teach Japanese. While our goal is not to replace teachers, we try our very best to accommodate teachers into building better online lessons and downloadable resources. Our services are of course free to use.

Tip: To pronounce Jappleng say “Jap” as in Japan, and “leng” and in language. Take note of the double ‘p’.

What we offer
We offer an assortment of learning tools to help students and teachers alike. Our Learning Management System called “JPLearn” offers many lessons with many more added weekly, where students around the world may track their progress, print and complete homework assignments and dive deeply into particular subjects where textbooks are limited.

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We also make many different downloads available, including much of it easy to print materials such as flash cards, assignments and checklists. We are working diligently on improving our features, allowing more room for personalization.

We also offer many resources about the Japanese lifestyle and culture, travel guides and educational videos. Our community is growing strong and a key-focus to making Jappleng useful is allowing our members to talk to each other regarding lessons or other Japanese related topics.

We have created a nifty guide to help you learn how JPLearn! works. To view this guide [click here]

We also offer many resources about the Japanese lifestyle and culture, travel guides and educational videos. Our community is growing strong and a key-focus to making Jappleng useful is allowing our members to talk to each other regarding lessons or other Japanese related topics.

Additionally, we’re a great hub to learn about what’s new in Japan through News in Japan where our members submit their stories about Japan, Travel Japan allows people to learn about the various things to do in Japan, and our community forums “Sekai” help our students keep in contact with each other.

What’s Most Important to Know
We have many online services and what’s most important for you, as a parent to know is that we do not tailor to children under 13 years of age, as stated in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Many of our sections are community driven, and because of this some material may not be suitable for those under 13. Even some of our exclusive content and lessons may not be suitable for children as we try to explain as much as we can about Japan which may at times seem graphic.

We do not host pornography, although there could be some instances where we discuss similar subjects as part of culture education or art. We do not however, explicitly allow nor condone anything that is pornographic and any member found to publish such material will result in account termination.

Jappleng University is also free to use and we do not sell private information of our members. To learn more about this, please read our Privacy Policy found here: http://www.jappleng.com/articles/view/documents/300/privacy-policy

How you as a parent can help us
Jappleng is quickly growing and because we offer our services for free we cannot raise the capital to pay full-time staff and as such we ask our members to volunteer for site moderation and content submission. As a parent, should you ever encounter anything that should not belong on our website, please report it immediately to report @ thissite.com (kindly replace thissite with jappleng and remove the spaces so that we can circumvent unsolicited e-mail). Additionally, if you are learning Japanese with your child, please consider letting us know how we’re doing through our comment system and inform us of any discrepancy. Thank you!

What we will offer (eventually)
Jappleng University released in March, 2014 and it was developed by one person over the span of many years as a hobby project. Now that the project foundation is complete, we’re ready to add new content, and features throughout the site. With that in mind, we’re open to suggestions and are ready and willing to implement them. Some ideas on what we may be implementing soon are:

- Teacher controlled lessons where teachers can create a classroom and see their student’s grades. Students would be given a class ID.
- Quizzes, tests and homework that go beyond prints and have a digital counterpart. This will also give accurate grades for the student.
- Teacher and student assigned due dates so that everyone can stay on track. Either have the student follow the default due date or create your own.
- Calendar system to track what’s coming up, including school and club activities outside of Jappleng.
- Teacher upload system, to allow teachers to upload their own resources for their students to see.

There will be many more features to come, and we look forward to working with others including teachers worldwide to bring the best learning management system in the world completely free to use.

Club Jappleng
We’re developing a system called “Club Jappleng” where groups of people can create a fan-club of their favorite part of Japan or take part of Club Jappleng activities. Club Jappleng activities will be a centralized resource center with various itineraries so that students worldwide can gather resources and ideas for their own Japanese-centric club. This feature is not yet available, but we’re trying to complete it before the end of summer, before school begins.

Why is Jappleng free?
We provide our services for free of charge because this project came to light after a long struggle to learn Japanese through books and internet. It could not be done as the resources were either not very descriptive or was simply inaccurate. We’ve teamed up with some of the internet’s brightest in the field to bring the best online Japanese education for free. We’ve spent much to develop this project, and we have no expectation on ever earning it back because we care.