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Information for Parents regarding the use of Jappleng University
Information for Parents regarding the use of Jappleng University
Welcome to Jappleng!Good day parents! We’re happy to hear that you’re interested in what we do and we'll try to explain just that and how you can protect your child on our website. Here’s what you need to know…Who and What We AreWe are Jappleng University, we’re not really a University like Stanford or MIT, but rather an online web service that loves to teach and give people the opportunity to teach. Sometimes teachers will have their own classrooms on Jappleng so that they can keep track on their student’s progress, grades, and other things. We don’t directly award any credits to anyone, but teachers can give out certificates and school credits as much as they like. We also provide other services such as Jappleng Public News which is where anyone can post what they heard of in Japan. Simply put, it’s news about Japan created by members of this site, whether it’s biased, badly written or a masterpiece – it’s entirely up to the individual that writes it and other members get to vote and comment on them.We also provide a social network called J-Spot Social Network. The J is ambiguous for Jappleng and Japan but either way it works and it’s a place (spot) where people can hang out and share their thoughts about their day, study progress, or share items they care about. This is very much like any other social network except our members are free to use any alias they desire and role-play as their favorite characters.There are also other social applications that we maintain like our Community Forums, Image-Boards, J-Blogs, Club Jappleng and Online Chat. Social applications can get dicey for the younger viewer or sensitive individuals.We are also a very small company, so small that you couldn’t even locate us on a map. But we do it because we love Japan and the Japanese culture. Interestingly enough we wanted to make Jappleng into a non-profit organization initially but the business model wasn’t sustainable for the overhead as a non-profit, so we had to change course to a for profit company with a different approach. We maintain our heart into this project just like a non-profit because we love it, and we know this service is greatly needed by so many people. We certainly care about our members and non-members that enjoy learning more about Japan. So please consider allowing your child to register with us, but please be sure to keep reading to learn more about what else we do and how to keep safe.We also make things fun! (J-Points, Achievements, and Tokens)We have included many features that make Jappleng enjoyable which include Achievement awards, J-Points (our digital currency), daily login bonuses, and more. J-Points can be obtained either by utilizing the website such as posting new content, using J-Spot, or even studying! It can also be obtained through the use of real money by purchasing site tokens and converting them into J-Points. We do not store credit cards to our system and every transaction will require the card to prevent accidental charges for your benefit.Your child can unlock many things by utilizing J-Points from new site features to personalized items. We don’t utilize advertisements and solely rely on the sale of Tokens. Tokens can be used to register for online classes and be converted into J-Points if needed (but once it’s been converted to a J-Point, it cannot be converted back to Tokens). Tokens may be purchased at the J-World Market.Anyone can post things, it’s the InternetMind you that because ANYONE can post anything at any given time, and while we do have rules set in place, you never know what might show up from one moment to the other. Additionally, what may be acceptable in one country may not seem age-appropriate to another. We tend to follow a Japanese PG-13 outlook which tends to be about PG-16 in some other countries, but it can quickly become mature rated if the member that uploaded the content broke the rule or didn’t add a “mature” tag to the post.This also means that anyone can say anything they like and this can be problematic for the sensitive types. If your child is sensitive to arguments, accusations, or being called names over the internet, then perhaps it would be best to not allow them to use our social applications. Friends must be accepted, and you must be a friend in order to post on another person’s J-Spot (similar to a facebook wall), but anyone can claim to be kind at first glance but may very well be a bully in the end. This is the nature of the internet as well as life as you may know, and while we do have moderators and rules, sometimes that’s not enough and action is needed by the member’s part.What you can do in the event of online bullyingOnline bullying / harassment can be very subjective in terms of definition, but if you simply don’t like someone you can opt to remove them as a friend from your friend list. They won’t be allowed to talk to you or your child anymore wherever you set “Friends Only” in the permission settings. Here we’ll be discussing escalation steps and what to do in each step, and while we doubt the occurrence of cyberstalkers, we want to provide a sort-of guide that will be helpful to resolute the situation.The second step if they continue to harass you would be to tell a moderator about the situation and we’ll investigate this issue. There’s no real time-frame when we can get back to you but clicking on “Report” and writing a reason why will help us know more about this person. We strive to have a peaceful community and will act against the abusers.If that’s not enough, perhaps they found a way such as using a proxy to gain access to our website after being banned and they continue to harass. If it reaches this step (which has never occurred so far), then consider changing your username. You can do this pro-bono only if the reason is to avoid harassment. Just let a moderator know what is going on and we’ll follow up. Be sure to have a valid E-Mail because your E-Mail will be used to send you the new login information.It’s hard to imagine that it would get any worse than that but we’ve heard of certain communities that had really bad issues with cyberstalkers. If that person is still being bothersome, we would recommend creating a new account. We can help you transfer your J-Points, Tokens, and some *limited* other information over to your new account. See how much we care about our members? Pinchy SmileAt this point it would be highly unlikely that the problem would persist but if it does then consider the possibility that this person is known locally. Perhaps it’s a friend not being a good friend, or a bully from school, who really knows? We can work with local authorities at this point (and only at this point) to help figure out who’s been causing this kind of abuse. The type of information we will be able to give out is an IP address. We try our best to seek out the real IP address but we cannot guarantee anything. Obviously if it gets that severe and we’ve only heard of such horror stories in rare instances around other communities, you can disable as many services as you like from the Parental Control panel. This will allow you to block J-Mail, Social Media, Comments and any section that you want to ignore.We don’t believe this will happen much if ever, but having a ready guide is always welcome. If you believe you have an even better guide to fight against online bullying, please let us know so we can work on improving our guide. Our goal is to make this an amazingly happy community.Restricting AccessYou can restrict access via a few different ways but if you decide to block certain portions of Jappleng by using your firewall or safe browser application, it may break the site entirely because Jappleng communicates from one section to another on a live basis. It’s a living and breathing website so-to-speak so by blocking a single page like J-Spot’s URL, it would equate to blocking the human heart meaning Jappleng won’t work anymore, it may not even load at all period.What you could do instead is go to the Settings and under Parental Control you can decide what section your child is allowed to take part of. By default everything is enabled so make sure that you review each section and consider what you want your child to be exposed to.The parental control has a password associated to it; therefore if you forget the parental control password, you will have to reset it using the parental E-Mail which is also located in the parental controls. There is no parental E-Mail created initially, the E-Mail you provided during registration is the one for your child, this is done so that your child can reset their login password without involving the parent every time and to receive E-Mail notifications.Last but not least, the Maturity filter is a unique filters that filters out mature content by keywords and if the item in question was flagged for mature audience. For instance, the F-word would be filtered out as @#$% instead of actually spelling it out. We try to work with spelling alternatives as kids like to avoid the filter as much as they can, but it’s a work in progress that we’re proud of implementing. The maturity filter may be applied whenever publishing items, but sometimes it can be forgotten or purposely left out. That’s when we have our nifty community and moderators that go around and “flag for maturity”. This method is pretty convenient and should alleviate a good chunk of mature content that gets passed the filters.The RulesWe have many Rules, Terms of Service, have a Privacy Policy and explain how we use Cookies. We do what we can to keep this community clean, safe, and more importantly fun for all! We wouldn’t recommend having a sensitive child use our website, even our lessons could sometimes have content that you may not agree with. For instance we could teach how to say tobacco and alcohol in Japanese in one of the lessons. Don’t worry though, when we have mature related lessons such as ones that talk about how to cuss in Japanese, we have a maturity flag set and if your child’s account has the maturity filter enabled, they won’t be able to study it. We Give it our All!We try our best, but let’s be perfectly honest; kids will be kids no matter what you say or try to tell them to do. They are a clever bunch and will find loopholes and ways around it that not even we can foretell. This is why when you allow your child to browse Jappleng on their own, even with maturity filters, there’s no telling what they may see. This is a community-based web service after all and both good and bad people can join and there’s no telling what they’ll do until they actually do it. So far it’s been tame and we’re proud of that. But if your child has access to the internet, they can see far worse things with a simple Google search.We are a fun, proud community and whenever something comes up; we work on resolving it and improve the site at every opportunity. Your love, support, criticisms and opinions are always welcome and if you wish to ask us any question before creating an account for your child, then send us an E-Mail at support @ [(Jappleng)].com (kindly remove the spaces and brackets, this helps prevent spam).Getting StartedSimply click here to navigate to the registration page to get started. All it takes is a few things to answer like “what is your username and password?” Registration takes about a minute but the journey lasts a lifetime!
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