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What teachers should know about Jappleng
What teachers should know about Jappleng
For TeachersThank you for your interest in Jappleng University! We’re very proud to be presenting the next-generation in digital education. In this document we will be discussing what we have to offer teachers, but be sure to also take a look at our other help documents such as “For Parents” which would be a great resource for any teacher.Introduction to JapplengJappleng is an old idea from 2005 which was just recently turned into a next-generation project. What couldn’t be done before can now be done with the latest availability of internet-related technology. You want your students to get the best out of their education and so do we! That’s why we have created Jappleng University. Please note that we are not a University or a College institution, it is by name only and we host a collection of knowledge and people may use the opportunity to teach, students may learn, and we have a community much like you’d imagine on a university campus.Jappleng does just about everything such as allowing people to publish their own news relating to Japan, learning Japanese and about the Japanese culture, get informed about travel related information such as how to stay safe in Japan, how to get there and life in general in Japan. We also provide a social network, video service, community forums, online chat, a state-of-the-art education platform, user achievements (great for motivation!), online clubs, blogs and so much more…Why use Jappleng for your school?Face it, there’s a universal problem when it comes down to using these terribly developed online applications where they force you to use Java and crash all the time. Jappleng does NOT use Java, everything is done strictly online and just about everything is backwards compatible down to Internet Explorer 7. However, please note that the newest and greatest browsers will make the site look cleaner because older browsers don’t support certain styling elements.You can use Jappleng on your PC, Mac, Phone, Tablet and virtually almost anything that can browse the internet. Yes, this means you can use Jappleng on your Wii U, or Playstation 4 – it works universally! Now that’s something to be proud of!But compatibility and usability is not the only thing that is wonderful about using Jappleng. Rather, you can create an entire course from start to finish, use public assets from our library to help create your lessons, create quizzes, borrow some of our nifty scripts and track the progress of your students (either individually and as a whole). But that’s just the beginning, each lesson can be expertly formatted, homework assignments can be created (as many as you need per lesson), you can use attachments in each lesson, and even clone your course over to a new one if you teach more than one class!If you think that’s all the features that we offer teachers, you would happily be mistaken. We also have “bubble kana” which detects Japanese words and when a student hovers over it they can get more information about it. Students may also keep track on their vocabulary, see what they’re good at and not-so good at. Each course is allowed a customizable course forum where students may ask each other questions and the teacher may also help. Teachers may also opt to enable comments for each lesson where students may directly ask questions to that particular lesson.The list of features goes on and on, and we’re happy to be releasing more improvements as time goes by.How safe and reliable is this system?We have meticulously developed anti-malware and anti-hacking software for our project which means that under most conditions it’s a fairly safe place. All scripts on Jappleng check for a number of vulnerabilities that are sometimes used on other websites and we make sure to block attacks.Jappleng is very reliable in the sense that it is cloud-based. This means that if one node (server) goes down, another will pick it up. If one server is slow, it will balance the load with another server and so on… Our nodes are also not just in one location but scattered around the world! This way, if a severe storm takes down one network, there are backups elsewhere.We also have DDoS preventative measures placed on our servers and our server provider has their own as well for good measure. The likelihood of Jappleng going down is incredibly low at this point but it could theoretically happen.Last but not least, we encrypt sensitive data and pass it through a 2048-bit SSL connection. Consider that the government requires a minimum of 128-bit encryption on their systems, we go above and beyond with 2048-bit.How much does it cost / who pays for it?This is a tricky question and it really depends on the situation. Courses developed by teachers are generally counted as a per-student basis and not per-lesson. Teachers are required to set a timeframe for the duration of the course and cannot publish their course until the last lesson is published. Don’t worry, you may decide when students may see new lessons and can edit them at any time. It’s just that the lesson itself must be created before the course can go live for your students.Each student are required to pay the enrolment fee, this fee has not yet been decided as we’re still under private-beta and are still deciding on what would be a reasonable price that wouldn’t upset the students. The going rate for our competitors is generally around $40 per student, however we plan being very competitive and offer our courses at a cheaper rate than them.We have help documents / videos that show teachers how their students may enroll in their classes and how the entire process works. Simply put, you can either have your student buy Jappleng Tokens which can be redeemed at your course page (with a unique course enrolment ID) or you can do it for your students and offer them a coupon that does this automatically.In some instances we may allow teachers to provide courses free of charge if certain requirements are met. For instance, we don’t want students to feel left out if they absolutely cannot pay for it or if a school is in a third world country, the rates may differ entirely. We can make special exceptions if you let us know.When will Teachers be able to create courses?This portion of Jappleng is presently in the private-beta stage. We say private-beta because only a select few can join and create courses using our specialized learning management system. When we are done developing this system, we can let you know if you want.Contact InformationYou may send us an inquiry over at teachers [{@}] Jappleng [.] com (kindly remove the brackets and spaces, this is to prevent spam on our end) We would love to work with you and your school however we can!
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