Unfortunately there are not many whom can be thanked at the present time due to its early release, but here’s whom we can give credit to.

Mark Greig – Founder, programmer, designer, moderator, and writer
Victor Semsei – Educational Videos
Tomoko Sensei – Educational Videos

Special thanks to all of those whom have voluntarily contributed content to Jappleng in the past; Jasmine, J-Popper, Sergey, Sheeva, Tony and to others I may have forgotten to mention (let me know!). Thank you to all of those whom have donated for this project, you guys rock!

Most importantly, thank you everyone whom have had interest in Jappleng University! Every single member is valued. You are all awesome! Thank you for building Jappleng and making us all like a big family! If you're not a member yet, it's free so give it a try!