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Are you excited with what Jappleng is doing for the Japanese-centric community? Believe it or not, almost all of what you see around this site was built as a hobby by one person with exception of a few writers that have submitted content. Now that Jappleng is released, it’s time to search for talent ready to put effort into making Jappleng the next big thing! Please not that we are currently filing for non-profit and exemption status.

Who are we looking for?
We’re looking for individuals ready to commit some time towards content and perhaps even code for Jappleng. It’s exhausting as a single player and Jappleng is much too big to maintain with one person and it’s certainly hard to find people ready to volunteer their time for the greater-good. You must have passion towards the subject you wish to help with. Students are more than welcome and in many cases, volunteering for us can be redeemed for college credit. You must be 16-years-old or older to apply, even for moderator positions.

Minimum requirements
You must be willing to submit content periodically or fulfill tasks that are assigned to you voluntarily. You are not required to meet specific amount of contributions per week, but please remember that Jappleng was created to help people. The more people that can help, the better!

If you want to be a moderator, you will need to know our rules very well and how the site functions. If you really want to help but know very little about the rules or how the site works, you will be trained, but we’re only offering 10 spots for moderators at this time.

Content Contributors
If you would like to write about News in Japan, you can do so without being staff, although official representatives are most welcome especially by those who live in Japan or know Japanese.

If you would like to write about the culture of Japan, please be sure that you have time for each article. To write a single editorial it may take 12hrs+ due to the lengthy nature of finding reputable sources.

Writing Lessons
If you would like to help with our lessons, you will need to know Japanese fluently or at least have lived in Japan (and spoke the language primarily) for a year.

Making Audio clips
If you would like to create audio clips such as for pronunciation guide, you will need to be a native resident in Japan unless you still have a perfect Japanese “accent”. Musicians do not need to be Japanese.

Educational Videos
We have developed a system where videos can be added via Youtube or Uploaded directly to our server. We would like to stop relying on external resources and have our own exclusive video series. If you think you have what it takes, please be sure to apply and let us know what your idea is.

Travel Guides
Love to travel around Japan? We would like to have you document your experience, discussing various great things and not so great things about the real Japan. Where to shop, how to meet new people, great places to eat etc… As a bonus, you may be eating at restaurants and experience other great things for free.

Club Jappleng
We’re looking for people willing to help create club-related content so that students world-wide can have an easy way to setup their own Japanese-related clubs. This means being able to help produce a schedule and printable materials for the student to use in their club.

English Majors
As you can see from this post, I’m not an English major in fact I’m simply a programmer/designer with free time wanting to do something good for the community. If you would like to edit my or any other document found on the site, you may apply as an Editor.

Textbook / Shop / Software
We’re looking into various ways to make a profit without affecting the integrity of the website for the reason of being able to support ourselves. If you’re interested in helping with textbooks, and other merchandise, perhaps with an online shop to sell Japanese wares or even if you’re a software developer we’d be interested in speaking with you.

We don’t have funding and as a result, advertising is proving to be a very big challenge. If you would like to help us advertise with minimal cost please let us know.

While we hope to achieve great milestones together, it will become ever-so-difficult to volunteer forever. Unfortunately, at least for the present time, Jappleng does not pay for content submission however this will change very soon as we're establishing ourselves as a registered non-profit organization.

How to apply
Simply tell us a little about yourself, what you are applying for, and why you want to do so. Please be sure to include a preview on what you can do based on what you’re applying for. For example, if you’re applying as a writer, please show us a sample.

Send all inquiries to:

Thank you and good luck!
Thank you for reading Be a part of Team Jappleng!
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