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Copyright Notices
Jappleng University, its name, and logos are copyright 2005-2016. Subsidiary projects such as Jappleng Public News, J-World, J-Spot, Shakai Community Forums, Japan Life!, and others found around the service are also copyrighted under the umbrella “Jappleng University”.

Usage of Jappleng University Logos
You are free to utilize Jappleng University and related logos for press, and for non-commercial means that promote or discusses Jappleng University and/or its subsidiary projects. You may not utilize the Jappleng University or its related logos for commercial purposes other than for press/coverage, search engine listing, or other uses that have been approved in writing by Jappleng University.

Design of Website
None of the design / templates that is used or have been used on may be used externally. Screenshots are permitted, however utilizing our websites in your brand/product is strictly forbidden outside of the press/education sector. Copyright is held for web designs that are “visually similar” to that of Jappleng and its related projects.

“Exclusive Content”
Exclusive content is content whether it be images, drawings, photographs, videos, writings or other material created exclusively by Jappleng University. This content cannot be sold or redistributed without prior agreement with exception to educational material which may be used for educational purposes but not within for-profit educational material with exception to citation, and written agreements. Teachers are free to use any content found around Jappleng as part of their education curriculum without claim of personal creation. Teachers may not utilize other teacher’s content without prior approval of said teacher.

“Non-Exclusive Content”
Non-exclusive content is content created by members of the site, or published by them. Such content is partially moderated and must follow particular copyright guidelines set by law. We, Jappleng University exclude ourselves from claiming ownership of copyrighted materials that does not belong to Jappleng University or the members of our services. Content created and/or published by these individuals do not represent Jappleng University and therefore we cannot claim copyright ownership or dictate how all of the content can be shared. We, Jappleng University reserve the right to modify/publish content written “exclusively” by members within any of our services with respect to the original author. Content found to infringe on copyright will be removed within a reasonable amount of time, given the time and availability of staff as noted in the DMCA.

Limitations with content
Content may be cited and also quoted but within reasonable guideline that it does not turn into plagiarism. Content found within our services may NOT be published by other webmasters such as on image and content farms. Popular search engines and reputable search engines are allowed to index and display some data from our services such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Ask, and so on through our (Jappleng’s) initiation. Jappleng University does not participate in directory listings with exception to a select few. Automatic inclusion in directory listings is strictly forbidden as it is potentially harmful to the product and image of our services.

Reporting copyright infringement
Due to the community-friendly nature of our services, we cannot monitor all content or know what people may decide to post. We will remove content that has been reported to have infringed on copyright. The removal may take some time due to the availability of staff; however we will do what we can to remove copyrighted work within a reasonable amount of time. We check our copyright claims once every few days and take action as they are received. If you find content on Jappleng that violates copyright, please report them at copyright @ thisdomain .com (replace thisdomain with jappleng). Please note, we only take notice from first-party domain names and not generic such as Hotmail, G-Mail, or Yahoo. You MUST be capable of representing the company you represent. Those that cannot obtain such an e-mail may not report copyright claims however those who do not wish to have their artwork posted on Jappleng in a “blacklist” must submit their requests to support @ (replace thisdomain with Jappleng).

We do not have a method to blacklist content automatically, nor do we plan on doing so because it is beyond our capabilities. However, we will try to remove content that does violate copyrights that fall within US jurisdiction as reported by corporate representatives and individuals that do not wish their artwork to be listed in our web services.

Repeating Offenders
We will use our best judgment to moderate our members “students” however we cannot guarantee absolute resolution as people tend to find ways around being banned or having their accounts restricted. Repeated offenders will get banned but it will not stop them from using various proxy services to gain access to our website. All we can do is remove content that we discover and expect our members to report offending content to help the process.
Thank you for reading Jappleng Copyright Notices
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