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Welcome to Jappleng!
Jappleng is very big, in fact it may be the biggest of its kind, or at least that’s our goal. As of right now, our website isn’t fully released yet and we’re working day-in and day-out to make this project possible. We will soon provide access to a nexus of information, most exclusively written by the staff at Jappleng, and a full-featured website and community for a better education and communication channel.

We’re striving for excellence, and we want to make sure that everyone in the world has an opportunity to learn about Japan and the Japanese language.
To do this we have partitioned our website into various categories and they are:

This is where you begin your journey. It is an information hub that brings to you the latest in what’s happening around Jappleng. While it may not contain everything that’s new, it can be a great resources as a landing page. Be sure to set it as your homepage bookmark!

[Visit the Homepage here]

News in Japan
Both Jappleng exclusive and member submitted news are posted here regarding just about anything that is focused around Japan. From Business and Politics to Anime and Dorama, be sure to take a look at it and maybe even submit a few pieces! After all, 99% of this section is expected to be driven by our community!

[Visit News in Japan here]

Learn Japanese
In this section, you can learn Japanese and learn it well. We provide individual lessons, a full course to-be, a library of references, plentiful of downloads such as hiragana or kanji charts, video lessons, quizzes and a personalized learning management system to best suit your needs. Also coming soon is an achievement system where our members can earn points and add badges in their profile or signature.

[Visit Learn Japanese here]

JP Culture
This section is dedicated to the Japanese culture and goes hand-in-hand while learning Japanese. We spend a lot of time researching factual data from various sources from books, websites, historians, and more to bring you the most authentic learning experience available.

[Visit Japanese Culture here]

Initially our community involves the forums, but it will quickly expand with a chat room, a social networking hub, personal / public blogs (great for logging your progress), friend matcher, image-boards, the ability to upload podcasts, and of course access to Club Jappleng.

[Visit the Community here]

Club Jappleng
This section is still heavily under construction but we’re aiming to create a beautiful social networking hub to create special interest clubs as well as study clubs. We also have plans to release weekly club activities for those in school that create and follow their very own "Club Jappleng" club. Not sure how to start your own club at school? We’ll have all of the resources available to help you get started.

Travel Guides
Planning on visiting Japan one day? When’s the cheapest time to get airfare? Where should you travel to? Are there some good sight-seeing to do? What about places to eat? Maybe you’re staying abroad for a while and need to know a few things that only residents know about. If it’s related to travelling in Japan, we’ll do our best to cover it. This section will be available soon.

[Visit Travel Guides here]

Import Shop
Perhaps later in the year if we grow big enough we’ll open up our import shop which will feature all sorts of great things from Japan! Currently this section is not yet available and there’s no planned release date.

Beyond all of this there’s a lot to do and things to explore. We have numerous Easter eggs to find and many community secrets such as the legendary VIP status. If you ever get the honor of wearing that badge, you’ll find out exactly what you get out of it. As a member, you can earn achievements for coming to Jappleng every day for a full week, or studying every day. There will be dozens of possible achievements to get, and all of which can be attained by anyone.

If you’re not a social person, then that’s okay! The only friend here that you need is Nakama. He or she (your guiding hand robot) will keep track of the things you learn and suggest new lessons based on things that you either don’t know or are having difficulties with. In the future, Nakama will be able to create custom quizzes for you and other great things to enhance your learning experience.

So if you’re not a JPL-U student, why aren’t you one yet? It takes a minute to register, we don’t affiliate ourselves with social networking sites that steal your personal information, and we value yours very much. That is why we will not sell your personal information to third party advertisers even though membership is free. If you love Jappleng just like many others, please feel free to make a donation so we can keep our project going for as long as possible. Ready to get started? Click on a link above to reach your desired section or if you’re not a member already you can Click here to register a new account.

Thank you and good luck on your educational journey!

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